For the Love of Bees – March 2012

Tim ZimmerClub Newsletter

My love for bees began with Mr. Louie, my grandfather’s first cousin that lived across the street from my childhood home. He always had bees; lots of bees. They lived on the back corner of his property in about 20-30 hives but inhabited his entire yard, including all around the main door of his house. They were always swarming around him, too. They just seemed to hang out together, Mr. Louie and his bees.


As long as I can remember we have been eating that honey, just walking over and picking some up when we needed it on a shelf under the carport. On special occasions he would take us into the honey house to get some honey comb. That was a prized commodity.
I felt deeply frightened when I first heard about the current decimation of bees down to 1/3 the population. Imagine if 1/3 of our population was removed in a year! Bees have always been such a regular part of my life that I took them for granted.
And then the unthinkable happened. After 45 years of beekeeping Mr. Louie moved his bees on to another caretaker last year. Now I can’t just walk over and grab some honey and fresh honey comb when I’m back home twice a year. Even though Mr. Louie is 89 years old and probably tired of keeping bees I can’t help but wonder if something in his heart was a little broken by all the loss, too.
“I am excited to join in this campaign to raise awareness around this issue…
one dear to my heart and soul.”
~ Kristi Zimmer
“Over seventy percent of the global food crops are pollinated by bees. Last year, the United States lost a full third of its total honeybee colonies for the fifth year in a row. This means that since 2006, the American bee population has plummeted from 4.5 million honey-producing hives to a scant 860,000. Worse, that number is still dropping.”
~Bee lovely and Help Save the Bees

We at the Tummy Temple are concerned about this trend. The Tummy Temple has been proud to offer NYR Organic skincare products since November, 2010. We have gotten excellent feedback from our customers that we have been sharing with you via the Tummy Temple Times. Last summer, NYR Organic introduced a campaign to save the bees and we want to introduce you to the good work they are doing in education and fund raising.
Join us in the NYR Save the Bees Campaign.
Please take a few moments to help save the bees by:
Sign the petition to ban neonicotinoids.
Watch this video to inform yourself of how it all began.
Listen to this message from the owner of NYR, Peter Kindersley.
Get yourself some Bee Lovely Hand Cream. $1.50 of each purchase will go to helping to save our bee population.

It’s no exaggeration to say that pollination is a crucial part of digestive health!
Bee Well!


Katy, Shelly and Kristi are Consultants for NYR Organic, and we would be delighted to answer any questions you may have. To experience the products and treat yourself to a relaxing face and body treatment book a NYR Organic Beauty Massage with Shelly Shelley. The treatment includes a consultation and you receive a discount on the session to apply to the purchase of product.