Community Partners Highlight: Breathing Mandala – November 2011

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Breathing Mandala



Most of us are not taught to breathe, yet when we are shown how to fully use our complete respiratory system we bring health to parts of our body that have become stagnant from years of shallow breathing. Deep breathing uses the diaphragm, which stimulates a gentle massage of the abdominal organs. Without this vital massage common ailments arise such as a sluggish digestive track/ colon, tension in the lower back, stagnation in the reproductive organs and more. The abdominal region in eastern medicine is also known as our true source of power, creativity and ability to trust in the web of life.

Tracey Stover, MA of Breathing Mandala is a breath trainer, meditation teacher, spiritual coach and writer. She offers:

  • Private Sessions (2 hours)
  • Monthly Breathing Salon (1 hour, all are welcome)
  • Breath Intensives (2-3 hours, all are welcome)
  • Women’s Series (2 hours per session, meets 3 times a month)
  • Breath Awareness Trainings (3 day training for providers)
  • Daylong, and weekend Workshops (1-2 day workshops, learning  the basics to breathing)
  • Breath Retreat Weekends (4-5 days, all are welcome)

Learn more about her work and the art of breathing well at