Community Partner Highlight – Seattle Holistic Center

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This month we would like to highlight the awesome life-long work of Bruce Bookman and Collette Crawford, founders of the Seattle Holistic Center. This is an exceptional couple that has dedicated their lives to teaching the empowering and peace generating practices of Aikido and Yoga. Collette is a treasure of information on holistic birthing practices and Bruce provides masterful Aikido instruction for young and old alike. They both provide our community with a beautiful model of healthy relationship and parenting for all to follow.  

The Seattle Holistic Center is an educational and spiritual organization dedicated to providing programs in holistic health, yoga and meditation, inspiring wellbeing, personal growth, and peace and happiness for all.

They carry out this mission through education, community services and advocacy, research, and humanitarian activities.

They offer classes in Seattle in the Greenlake and Wallingford neighborhoods. 

Check them out at