Cleansing 101 with Dr. Lisa – April 2012

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From the desk of the Medical Director:
Dr. Lisa Valent ND, LMP

Spring is here and it is time to clear out the old and lighten the load! I fell on some accidental cleansing just in the past week as the unfortunate flu was circulating. I’ve been yearning for a deeper cleanse, yet while breastfeeding Lilou (my baby girl), I know to refrain so that she doesn’t receive my toxins. So I chose the most appropriate version for my body, which happened to be raw vegetable juices with their fiber, steamed vegetables, broth, and whole grains (quinoa & brown rice). These types of cleanses in fact help illness pass faster and strengthen the system by eliminating what is not needed. I already notice feeling lighter, more focused and having more energy to exercise.

Many elders in natural medicine say that when ill is the appropriate time to cleanse; it’s the body’s way of indicating it is ready to clean house. There are the obvious illnesses like the cold & flu, however there are many other ill sensations that we walk around with on a daily basis, without giving thought how much better we could feel if that were not present. Maybe it’s poor digestion, foggy thinking, allergies, sore joints, frequent illness, addiction to sugar, alcohol or other substances. Basically, if you you’re not feeling at your best on a day to day basis (ie no complaints about health), you’re due for a cleanse.
How to do a cleanse
Step 1: Determine what type of cleanse is appropriate for you:
  • If you are working, need to be focused and still meet deadlines: choose a Mediclear Cleanse (details below)*. You can opt-in for deeper cleansing with a uniquely designed supplement program, as well. Plan on 21 days to commit.
  • If you have time off to rest & regenerate and your blood sugar is stable with no crashes: choose a vegetable & fruits fast. These can be as juices, as blended drinks (to maintain the fiber), or as raw or steamed veggies. This cleanse can be perfect to combine with meditation, yoga, and bodywork, as a way to be introspective and do deep spiritual healing. Plan on 3-7 days, erring on the shorter side if this is your first cleanse. You’ll want an additional few days to exit this plan with a vegetarian diet, slowly adding back in animal products if you regularly consume them.
  • If you want a customized plan, visit our Naturopathic doctors.
Step 2: Carve out a minimum of 5 days – 3 weeks to clear the system. Do not over-plan during this time period. Minimize extra events that often leave you tired and unreplenished.
Step 3: Be prepared with your food, juices, and supplements.
  • Purchase what you need and take the time to divide supplements into pill packets.
  • Set the alarm on your phone for daily reminders of when to eat and take supplements.
Step 4: Book your bodywork – colonics, lymphatic drainage, massage, yoga classes, sauna time.
Step 5: Have an exit strategy
  • Plan 3-7 days to exit from your cleansing, so your body can adjust to the refreshed system. I strongly advise against drinking heavily or eating harder to digest foods (red meats, dairy, processed foods, and full-fat meals) for the first week off of a cleanse.
  • Many cleanses recommend eating vegetarian for 1 week while re-entering your regular routine.
  • Assess if there are changes that you’d like to maintain now that you’re off the cleanse- maybe less sugar, less caffeine or no processed foods. Let your changes last!
* The Mediclear Cleanse uses 2 bottles of Mediclear Plus, along with a detailed nutritional plan. This rapidly decreases inflammation in the system, clears the pathways of the liver and the immune system, while allowing you to still perform all your normal daily activities.

Have fun on the journey of cleansing and be gentle with yourself!

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