Book Review – February 2012 – Nourishing Wisdom

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Book Review

Nourishing Wisdom by Marc David is a book that I believe will be helpful to anyone who eats. This is not a book that tells you What to eat but instead explores How we eat, which can be just as important, if not more. Instead of limiting ourselves through a list of foods that are “bad” or “good” Nourishing Wisdom encourages its readers to expand our relationship with food in a way that is encouraging and non- judgmental. Marc David, a nutritional psychologist, explores the dynamics of nutrition through a holistic and multidimensional approach that is well beyond the chemical aspects of nutrition. He stresses the importance of the often-overlooked aspects of eating such as eating with awareness, where we are eating and with whom we are eating. 

I believe there is no ideal diet that will be perfect for every person (as so many other books tout). Nourishing Wisdom helps people tune into their feelings of hunger and satiety as well as their intuitive knowledge of what foods will nourish them or deplete them. In this fast paced society it is important to find a sacred space for food to be truly nourishing in our lives. Nourishing Wisdom is just the book to help individuals create that space and joy (i.e. you deserve a lunch away from your computer!).

At slightly more than 100 pages Nourishing Wisdom is a quick read but I encourage clients to read each chapter separately and then take the time to do the exercises at the end of each chapter. When individuals reflect on how the principals in this book apply to their lives, they will reap great rewards from this slim book.

With Love,

Heidi Oschsner
CN, Nutrition & Colon Hydrotherapy

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