Book Review By Nedra Goedert – Wheat Belly – December 2011

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Book Review: Wheat Belly
By Nedra Goedert

I was cruising the ‘health’ section at Third Place Books a few weeks ago, when this title caught my eye. The tag line on the cover, “LOSE THE WHEAT, LOSE THE WEIGHT AND FIND YOUR PATH BACK TO HEALTH” made me take it off the shelf and sit down to browse through it. I see so many clients come to the Tummy Temple who are struggling to improve their health by improving their diet and losing weight, and they’re really struggling! It didn’t take long for me to decide to take ‘Wheat Belly’ home.

Well-written, very readable and solidly grounded in research, it is a disturbing read. What if it isn’t just people that are allergic to gluten who need to avoid wheat?

According to Dr. Davis, besides those with celiac disease, and those with varying degrees of gluten intolerance or sensitivity, wheat is just not good food for any body. It spikes blood sugar levels like white sugar and the chemistry of gluten when exposed to digestion produces polypeptides that bind to the brain’s morphine receptors. In short, it stimulates addiction patterns by occupying and then leaving those opiate receptor sites. The blood sugar spike it creates triggers an insulin surge just like sugar, which tends to cause the body to lay on belly fat. These two effects have nothing to do with allergy or sensitivity. They happen when anyone eats wheat gluten.

How people respond to these stimuli varies. In some it will trigger addictive eating behavior or diabetes, unless they fight it with all their might. Dr. Davis supplies facts about celiac disease, wheat and insulin resistance, disrupted pH levels, cataracts, rheumatoid arthritis, dementia, the brain, the skin, wrinkles and the aging process all in one place.

Dr. Davis is a preventive cardiologist advocating a wheat-free diet to reverse heart disease. His book is full of clinical research and case studies, as well as enlightening about how the original grain came to be the grain it is today.

Nedra Goedert
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