Cleansing and Your Hormones: Choosing the Right Cleanse for YOU

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By Jamie Lashbrook, LMP
There is nothing like the Spring season to really illuminate where we need to lighten our load and where we have imbalance. Imbalances this time of year surface quickly- like a Spring shoot.  With all things awakening, our spirit and libido also begin to surge with the buzz of new life all around and you right?  And, yes, your spirit. You are feeling inspired, at least some of the time- right?  This is why everyone writes about “cleaning up” and “clearing out” and why cleansing the body is the trending wellness pitch. But before jumping on some trendy food, or no food, cleanse program I strongly encourage you to look at your hormonal health to help guide you.
In my opinion, your hormones are the best indicator of how balanced and healthy you are. However when most of us think of cleansing, hormone health doesn’t even come into consideration.   The signs of hormone imbalance are either overlooked or completely ignored because most of us, women especially, are told that hormones are imbalanced and erratic by nature.  The truth is that nature doesn’t work that way.  
Furthermore, when these signals are ignored you may choose a cleanse program that does more harm than good. True you may lose weight and feel a sudden burst of energy, but what is the long term effect and- how are your hormones?  If they do not balance with your cleanse then the cleanse is NOT for you.  For instance let’s say you choose to do the all popular fruit juice cleanse but you tend to mismanage blood sugar throwing your hormones into a fit.  Your “cleanse” will backfire and you may spiral into deeper issues. 
There are some very clear signals that your hormones should be what determine which type of cleanse may serve you best.  These signals may also determine that a typical cleanse is not what you need and what you need is a different kind of reset for your body.   
You need to “cleanse” your hormones if you have…
•Painful periods (heavy flow, cramping, migraines)
•Dark and clotty periods
•Cysts and fibroids
•Excess weight and “puffiness” that does not respond to exercise
•You are excessively moody and erratic
You need a reset if:
•You have amenorrhea
•Your periods are very short and very light (1-3 days)
•Your sex drive is in reverse
•You have no lust for life
•You get dizzy often and have brain fog
•You have difficulty maintaining a healthy weight (underweight)
If you experience some or all of the symptoms above I advise seeking some guidance around choosing a program that will support your body and its needs.  You need to take into consideration that your hormones will point to other issues in your body.  By addressing your hormones you may end up healing and “cleansing” other systems in your body like your digestion, your adrenals and your metabolism.   
Regardless of symptoms, or if you are generally healthy, I usually recommend tuning in once a year.  With this attention women and men can see where cleansing, clearing, nourishment and support may enhance and deepen their sacred connection to the rhythms of nature.   The journey into cleansing and resetting the body should also be approached from all angles of self- mind/body/spirit.  When you are able to truly tune into yourself and tune out the trends you can choose what is right for you- naturally.   Your seasonal cleanse will become a time of deep reflection and honor to the most sacred thing you will ever possess- your body. 
How to start:
Be clear with your intention to cleanse: This is vital before beginning any program.  What do you truly seek to change? Are you willing to do the work, make a shift and make it sustainable?  Do you have the time? The resources? This is difficult, because I have met very few women who, deep down, don’t love to lose weight, and that may not be what you really need. 
Get some guidance: No one-not even myself who knows a thing or two about the functions of the body- should set out on a plan alone.  This is also a good time to schedule some bodywork that can help support you whether it be massage (especially abdominal), acupuncture, Craniosacral therapy or hydrotherapy. 
Track your cycle for one month: How do you bleed? When do you ovulate? Do you have cravings and PMS?  This will help you determine where your imbalances are and how to cleanse, eat, drink, sleep and exercise accordingly.
Food journal: For one week track what you eat, how you feel and your cravings.  Again, this will greatly help determine nutrient deficiencies, food sensitivities and what is emotional vs physiological. 
If you have any questions I would love to hear from you.
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