Autumn Wellness: Loving the Lungs and Large Intestine – Tummy Temple Times Oct 2014

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It’s officially autumn, and so we turn our attention to cleansing practices that will yield health during cooler months.  In the Chinese Medicine wheel, the metal element is in effect and the lung and large intestine are ready for clearing.  Fear not for the Templers are absolute experts in this subject!

Let’s start off with the intention of letting go of that which is no longer useful and receiving that which is nourishing and restorative.  Congestion in the lungs and large intestine can often be found in those who struggle with this life practice.  During this time it is important to breathe deeply and dislodge stored grief so that it doesn’t create a seed for illness deep within.  As well, make time to release stored tension in the abdomen and allow proper waste disposal.   Those who wait the whole year to practice these protocols of health may find themselves a bit challenged at first.  However, the reward shows up as you gracefully enter the holiday season with less physical and emotional baggage.  

At the Tummy Temple we regularly see deficient breathing.  In other words, we invite clients to tune into their breath during sessions, and we observe an inability to breathe fully into the belly and ribcage.  Deep belly breathing to create organ circulation and exhaling through the mouth to disperse lung toxicity is something we work towards with every session.  This breathing exercise often excavates held emotions resulting in tears, laughs, sighs, and even tremors.   As emotions release and held tension passes the breath opens up providing a sense of deep relief and relaxation to the client.   Eventually, clients can independently recreate this full and natural breathing style in session or in their regular lives.  

Held tension and waste in the bowels is another common observation in the treatment room.  This buildup of toxic waste in the system can deteriorate overall health and create discomfort in the body (pain, inflammation, bloating, etc).  The approach to healing varies depending on the primary cause of the congestion.  When stress and tension is at the root, then we turn to massage and nervous system balancing techniques.  When diet, environmental toxicity and gut inflammation are at the root, then we apply therapeutic supplements and nutrition to get things moving.  In most cases, a blend of the two is most beneficial.  

As autumn reveals her colors over the next few weeks, we invite you to take time to reveal all that you have been holding inside.  Consider clearing away the cluttered and mucus-filled membranes to make way for clear, hydrated, expansive and energized metal element organs – lung and large intestine.  Inhale inspiration, exhale grief.  Take in nutrients from your food and eliminate waste.  Create healthy flow inside and out so that your body doesn’t become a comfy place for viruses and unwanted bacterial infections to settle down for a long winter’s nap.  

These are the tasks Mother Nature has put before us to complete during this time.  And as always, she has an apothecary of remedies to get the job done.  Your part is to bring love and attention to your lungs and large intestine and let go of everything else!

Many Blessings,

Kristi Zimmer, LMP

Co-Owner of Tummy Temple