Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (AOBT) now available at the Tummy Temple!

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The Tummy Temple is known for providing unique and effective services that are hard to find in most wellness centers.  Here we go again with Ashiatsu, deep tissue barefoot massage!  This is an answer to prayer for all of those people craving for someone to “walk” on their backs.  The massage is performed by a practitioner using her feet while balancing herself with two bars suspended above the massage table.  Part of the training includes foot hygiene and professional level pedicures so no worries about stinky feet interfering with your relaxation!  The strokes are long and smooth with varying pressure to meet the needs of the diverse varieties of muscle tension found along neck, shoulders, and spine.  Other integrative massage techniques may be applied for a full body relaxation experience that might leave you guilty of drooling.  

This therapy is perfect for anyone who really needs the pressure of a full body to totally unwind.  It is an incredibly grounding therapy for those heady people who have a hard time “being aware” of their bodies.  It is very difficult to resist total relaxation as the practitioner gracefully transfers her weight into your musculoskeletal system pressing your energy deeply into your body.   It is also especially beneficial for those seeking to lengthen their spine and release chronic postural patterns.  

Here are a couple of articles worth reading:

1. Ashiatsu: The Healing Power of Heels by Toby Osborne

2. Ashiatsu: Take a Walk on Your Client by Juliet Bourne

Speaking of practitioners standing on your back, who is offering this therapy at the Tummy Temple?  

The lovely and talented Tobyanna Everhart, LMP, will be providing 2 hour time slots ($190 total fee) available on Saturdays starting 10/11.  To help expose our clientele to this often unknown therapy, she will be offering an introductory rate of $150 for the 2 hour sessions through the end of November 2014.  Prepare now; this could be your number 1 unique gift to your loved one or yourself for the holidays!   Click here to purchase a gift certificate.