Adrenal Fatigue – Case Study

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Adrenal Fatigue – Case Study
Male: 54yrs old
History: Client has been having panic attacks from mild to severe. First onset was 2005 and coincided with stressful, long term relationship break up. Since then attacks have surfaced with big life changes and stressful events.
Symptoms: Symptoms include interrupted sleep patterns; client cannot access REM sleep. As soon as he starts to drop off to deep sleep he wakes startled and disoriented. Panic ensues and results in shortness of breath, profuse sweating, agitation, disorientation and sleeplessness.
Consult: Client reported that latest round of attacks in September 2014 became severe starting at a 5/10 and increasing to 10/10. He and his wife became extremely concerned when the attacks peaked in severity, almost calling emergency services twice but resisting as they have no medical insurance. The symptoms began to disrupt client’s ability to work and socially function. Client became depressed and isolated. When attacks reached peak severity in early October, 2014 he saw a medical doctor. Doctor prescribed a strong antihistamine to help him sleep through the night and anti-anxiety meds. Sleep aid was extremely helpful but client had negative side effects from anti-anxiety meds including loose bowels, nausea and dizziness that started off mild but became extreme. Two weeks in, client so dizzy that vomiting ensued. He decided to cease taking the anti-anxiety meds but continued with the antihistamine for sleep.
Treatment: Practitioner became curious about whether adrenal fatigue was at root of issue and suggested client may want to try adrenal support. Client purchased Cytozyme AD, a glandular adrenal supplement. He reported significant change in energy and mood within thirty minutes of taking his first two! His wife confirmed the shift; she was dumbfounded by the immediate difference. It occurred to her that his energy has been reducing slowly for over a year.
Result: Client takes the supplement daily, two in the morning and two in early afternoon. He has returned to work, his energy has stabilized, the panic attacks have reduced. In the last thirty days he reported having one minor panic attack, a 2/10. This coincided with finishing his course of antihistamine for sleep. To address sleep, practitioner recommended supplement GABA 700 which client has successfully transitioned to.
Note: This case study prepared by one of our Temple Practitioners and the subject was her husband. She is amazed and delighted to have her husband back. She has been taking the Cytozyme AD for a number of years as her source of adrenal support with great result. It just never occurred to her to offer them to her husband!