5 Easy Ways to Stay Nourished On The Go!

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This is a challenge, right? When the schedule gets tight, diet is often the first thing to go. As a busy mom raising three children and running a small business, I know this challenge very intimately. But you don’t have to be a mom to experience this problem. I know plenty of young singles with hectic schedules that bump up against the same problem.

Modern life might be fast-paced but luckily, there are tried and true methods for nourishing yourself along with some new options that make it a real possibility. Here are five simple ways to nourish yourself this season:

1. Take 3 deep breaths before you eat. Most people will achieve a little space in their body/brain in those 3 breathing moments to send the message to the digestive system to turn on. Without this direct message of relaxation to the belly, the digestive juices never fire up and indigestion ensues. You feel more bloated and fatigued after eating than fueled. So breathe first, then eat.

2. Be prepared with smoothies and mixable meals. Carry a baggie of protein/nutrition powder with you that can be mixed in water or some other simple beverage (rice milk, juice, etc). This system works great in a pinch and keeps you from reaching for the sweets, starches and junk that leaves you crashing on the other side. At Tummy Temple, we love Mediclear because it also provides a little detox support along with gut healing nutrients.

3. Go raw! Nothing is simpler than grabbing a cucumber, a carrot, an apple, or a leaf of romaine. These foods provide water, fiber, energy boosting minerals and vitamins and don’t weigh you down. You can nosh away, feeling great and adding significant fuel to your system. This approach works extremely well for kids. Add your standards dips of humus, tahini, salsa, etc. and spice it up.

4. Meal plan on the weekends or your time off. Schedule in time for prepping for a few days at a time. Cook up some basics to have in your fridge that you can pull out and mix up something creative. Put away some freezer portions for soups, roasting dishes and stir fry meals. This takes a little more planning but pays off with instant square meal options.

5. Use a delivery or food prep service. Modern life has also inspired many local, organic companies to support our need for healthy food. You can choose a few entrees and supply the simple sides and have it delivered to your door or even to your office. I’m sure clients have witnessed broth being delivered in armfuls to the Temple staff during the winter. Ordering a service such as Randi Carter’s “Detox Pop up” doubles as education for new food ideas while being fed!

Don’t miss our Temple Wise Class on the First Thursday of the month, “…But I Hate to Cook!” with Janell Hartman and Randi Carter. They will inspire you with cooking hacks to stay on track with nourishing yourself through the end of the summer as we turn our attention to the hearth and harvest.

And, enjoy some healthy snacks at the Temple the next time you’re in… Mr. Green Fingers Nutritious Popcorn, Raw Zimt Chocolate, and Punk Rawk Labs Nut Cheese… Snack away and feel great!

In Joyful Service,

Kristi Zimmer, Co-Owner of Tummy Temple