3 Simple Tips to Boost Your Immune System

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The fires of the NW have left our forests charred and our lungs and bodies polluted. This is not a good scenario for resisting the onset of fall viruses and bacteria. Luckily, according to the Chinese Medicine Wheel ‘tis the season to build metal energy, which includes lung and large intestine health. Focusing on the health of these organs couldn’t come at a better time for Pacific North Westerners who’ve been choked by the smoke and may need a little extra immune boosting this year.

Clear out some garbage. The immune system (housed in your lymphatic system) needs to move freely to respond. When the body is clogged up, the response time is slower. Just think about a jam-packed freeway with a rescue squad trying to get through. That’s what it’s like when the lymphatic system is full and exposure to viruses and bacteria occur. The lungs have recently filtered a whole lot of smoke and particulates from the air. This will need to be cleared to effectively fight off cold and flu bugs that come with the cool weather. Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy is highly effective at clearing lymphatic trash and circulating immune cells to where they are needed to fight invaders. The colon (large intestine) should also be working at tip top shape to keep excess waste managed. If your colon could use a little help, a colonic is a great way to get those toxins out!

Build up basic immunity! Is your medicine cabinet stocked with the following: Vitamin D, Probiotics, and Lymph circulating herbs. These are the things that can be used to build resistance to colds and flus, now. Another great option for building basic immunity is a mushroom complex. It’s hard to imagine any health supplement more fitting for our territory this time of the year than mushrooms. Mother Nature allows them to take center stage, so consider giving it a try. We are in love with the Host Defense line from local mushroom genius, Paul Stamets.

BREATHE. We’re all more acutely aware of how important clean air is after a summer of wildfires. Now we can take a moment to get calm and collected and breathe. Breathing enhances every aspect of health and opens us up to new possibilities. With each inhale, we become more inspired and with each exhale we can let go of what is no longer useful. This moves us more effectively through life without allowing stress and its impacts to build up. Practice breathing throughout the day and build health as you go. Breathe 3 full cycles upon rising in the morning. Breathe 3 full cycles at bedtime. Breathe 3 full cycles before each meal. Employ your breath when driving and while at work. Appreciate your lungs and the hard work that they do. The bonus is that you will turn on all your repair functions every time you relax through breathing.

Join us this month in several ways to enhance immunity:

Temple Wise Class – Travel Tips for staying healthy on October 5th at 12:00pm and 7:30pm

Community Cleanse – ongoing through social media (use hashtag #CommunityImmunity)

Breast Health Awareness Month – Specials for Lymphatic Therapy and Massage Therapy to enhance breast health