10 Ways to Love Your Belly that Will Let Your Heart Sing

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~HEART, n. An automatic, muscular blood- pump. Figuratively, this useful organ is said to be the seat of emotions and sentiments—a very pretty fancy which, however, is nothing but a survival of a once universal belief. It is now known that the sentiments and emotions reside in the stomach, being evolved from food by chemical action of the gastric fluids.~ Ambrose Bierce

Love is in the air and moves our emotional gauge to red.   This time of year the focus is on the heart and how we can open it more, find ourselves in it more and definitely share it more.  However, every heart guided emotion and decision can only be as clear as our gut instinct. We all know by now that our emotional center, and the hormones that can alter those emotions, reside within in the intricacies of our belly.   So, it would make sense that the more we engage the health of our belly that the health of our heart and our overall spirit would be lifted.    Listening to your gut takes new meaning when we really look to letting love be our guide.    

10 ways to love your belly and open your heart (In no particular order)…


  1. Breathe. (not only in meditation and yoga)  9 out 10 people breathe improperly.  Full belly breaths keep the muscles around your heart relaxed, your organs nourished and your digestion smooth.  Check out my blog on breathing…
  2. Laugh (loudly) – I remember laughing until my stomach hurt and I can’t truly remember the last time.  Not only does it do wonders for your spirit but the contractions through your stomach when you laugh fully are wonderful for blood flow throughout the entire abdominal system.  
  3. Rub my belly:  Regular abdominal massage, especially The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy™ will increase blood flow to your organs, improve digestive and reproductive functioning, clear energy channels and help balance emotions for long term healthy belly and happy heart.  Email me for more information [email protected].
  4. Use Castor Oil Packs:  Castor oil has a unique acid that penetrates through the skin into the surface layers of your organs.  It has very cleansing and healing properties and has been used for thousands of years for remedies affecting many abdominal functions.  (Not to be used during pregnancy, heavy menses or any inflammatory condition). I simply apply a generous amount to my belly, put on an old t-shirt or cover with a towel and apply heat- LOVE.
  5. Healthy- engaging sex:   Sex and orgasm are a necessary function and release for the human body.  I do not think I need to go into the MANY benefits.  Happy Valentine’s Day!
  6. Dance: I move/exercise a lot. But NOTHING is more engaging of the core and opening of the heart than dance.   Grab your sweetie and freely spin, shake and shimmy around the living room.  You will be surprised what it does for #5!
  7. Eat Pure Whole Foods:  Yes, this really is the best cure for most anything and why it is mentioned in every health focused article in circulation.  If your digestion is slow and your food is poison your whole system will act in accordance.  
  8. Chew (those pure whole foods).   The human body is made with 32 (the number of times we are to chew coincidentally) teeth each designed to grind and process our food into a belly friendly consistency.  Unfortunately, we mostly inhale our food in large solid chunks adding strain to our delicate digestive system.  
  9. Be a tea-se:  Ask anyone what I obsessively consume and ritualistically make daily…  Herbal teas, especially peppermint, licorice and chamomile which are wonderfully tonifying for the stomach.  Not to mention the calming qualities in an aromatic cup of tea.  
  10. Take a daily pro-biotic.  Healthy bacteria levels= healthy digestion= healthy immune system= healthy heart.

Don’t let a blocked system send you unclear and confusing messages. Follow some of these simple and nurturing tips along with the best and oldest advice in the book:

You can’t share your love until you can express and nurture it within yourself.

“Listen to Your Gut”

Jamie Lashbrook~ LMT, CHHC and
Arvigo Practitioner of Maya Abdominal Therapy


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