Using the Healing Power of Ritual

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Happy Birthday Tummy Temple!

May 1st is our birthday, and we’re turning sweet 16

This year we’re celebrating by giving ourselves a license to fully embrace the divine within health care by offering regular Sound Healing opportunities, a diverse line up of energy work practitioners, and additions to our product line that promote energy healing and balance. This month we are focused on the healing power of ritual and taking time to give thanks to our community and the unseen forces for supporting our mission to heal our world from the inside out!

Ritual invites the sacred into the bigger picture of our lives and calls on a higher order of consciousness to reign. In each moment that we stop to light a candle, anoint with an oil, draw a special bath, or observe silence, we allow our physical and energetic bodies an opportunity to catch up to each other. The result can be a feeling of inner peace, inner guidance, or divine inspiration.

After many years of working with thousands of clients, we find that even the simplest of rituals can acknowledge the deepest parts of us and create a climate of empowerment in our bodies, minds and spirits.

Some common reasons for utilizing ritual are:

1. To provide relief from and even change situations causing chronic stress.
Maybe it’s a relationship, job, health challenge; the common thread here is feeling stuck in something painful and chronic. Ritual can be used to manage daily stress and to invite a change and insight.

2. To support trauma resolution.
Something happened that really hurt. Ritual can be used to honor that wounded place in your heart, mind and body. In our culture we focus a lot on getting over things, often to the point of never honoring the wound. We can lose connection to our tenderness, scabbing over but never truly healing underneath. Moving on can be easier when ritual is applied to these splintered aspects of ourselves.

3. To positively transform our relationship with our bodies. Ritual slows down the pace and opens up space to employ better habits. Taking 3 deep breaths at mealtime and focusing on gratitude can improve your ability to self nourish. Pulling a divination card and meditating before bed can calm your body/mind and direct your dream state, thus improving sleep. Taking a bath with essential oils and Epsom salt will help the body optimize circulation and soothe sore muscles. Taking care of yourself becomes a sacred act as you thoughtfully tend the body like an instrument designed to express your soul’s desire.

Intrigued? Ready to learn more about ritual and how we use it to make our bodies a Temple? Come to our next FREE TempleWise class, this Thursday, May 3rd at noon. We will explore common rituals with Janell Hartman and Dr. Jessica Hebert ND.

As always, we are deeply devoted to our growing community and grateful for your support of our independent, small and sustainable, holistic health business.
Thank you to all for another year of health and healing.

Many Blessings,


Kristi Zimmer, Co-Owner of Tummy Temple