Introducing… Temple Bitters!

Tim ZimmerUncategorized

We’ve renamed Tummy Tonic to Temple Bitters to more accurately reflect the historical use of these daily digestive formulas.

The physician and alchemist Paracelsus first compounded bitters in the 16th century to treat digestive maladies and seasickness.

Over time, bitters also began to be used in cocktails to soften the often-abrasive liquors of the day.

Bitter is an important flavor that is often missing in Western diets where processed foods tend to be overly sweet and salty.
When bitter receptors in the mouth are stimulated a number of reflexes are activated including:

Increased release of digestive juices
Appetite stimulation
Release of toxic bile from the liver and gallbladder
Increased peristalsis (movement of waste through the intestines)
Stimulate gut lining repair

Temple Bitters also contain herbs that have an anti-spasmodic nervous system calming effect to combat digestive issues that are worsened under stress.

Utilizing bitters on a regular basis supports digestive and liver function while reducing bloating, upset stomach, nausea, constipation and heartburn.

Add this ancient remedy to your medicine cabinet and kitchen – just in time for holiday festivities!

Watch this video for more information on these amazing herbs!