How to “Go” While On-The-Go! A Case Study

Tim ZimmerUncategorized

June always brings a sense of adventure as we explore far and wide, enjoying the transition of spring to summer. Often, a shift in the activities of our daily routine and rhythm can trigger sluggish elimination.
A common complaint I hear frequently is travel-induced constipation. This is due to multiple factors including dietary changes, stress, dehydration, anxiety, and/or an aversion to use public restrooms or a bathroom that doesn’t feel like yours at home.

Case: Cathy, a 46 year old woman, presented with infrequent bowel movements and bloating while traveling to Seattle to attend graduations for extended family


She was staying in a hotel and reported having hard, pellet-like stools every 2-3 days since traveling. Her bloating and abdominal discomfort was in the left lower quadrant. Since travel is a common contributing factor in constipation I recommended the Tummy Temple’s Smooth Passage fiber supplement with pysllium, flax and soothing herbs which are clinically effective for constipation. Cathy also found relief with 2 colon hydrotherapy sessions while she was in town to help re-hydrate and tone her colon. I encouraged adding probiotics to feed off her fiber to result in fluffier and softer stools that are easier to pass. She increased her water intake, limited caffeine and alcohol, and started eating more whole grains and veggies. Within a few days her bloating resolved and she was having daily bowel movements again.

If you travel this month don’t overlook the importance of your biological clock; eating, sleeping and eliminating!

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