Tried and True Immunity

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Tried and True Immunity

I love the feeling of being resistant to illness. It is something that I used to take for granted when I had no kids, less commitments and boundless energy on my side. I loved working in health care with the security of knowing that I would rarely get sick. It allowed me to dig into any case with vigor and reliability.

Now that I have 3 young kids, a thick professional life and my own well-being to manage, I have to work harder at immunity. My vitality increases and decreases according to my ability to “balance it all” and my immunity directly correlates to that aspect of my health. I have learned to rely on proven self-care practices and Mother Nature’s apothecary. I have also learned how to listen to the messages my immune system is giving me, which could be the most powerful medicine of all.

The messages are happening all the time. The body is a dynamic place with sensory feedback so rich that you could get a little consumed with it. This is often the case with the runaway immune reactivity of allergies and skin issues like eczema and psoriasis. Auto-Immune activity in the body is kind of like automatically reacting without a choice; a little cellular PTSD and paranoia, if you will. The body mounts a strong attack against a perceived “invader” that may actually just be itself. Often the body gets damaged in the process, as in colitis and Multiple Sclerosis. Calming an immune system down is unique to each person, but there are some fundamental protocols here. Reducing exposure to irritants, creating immune tolerance and balancing the nervous system are imperative in these types of cases.

The underactive immune system speaks loud and clear with increased illnesses and susceptibility to pathology. If you often find yourself catching every little cold and maybe even a regular flu pattern, it’s time to look at what could be suppressing your immune system. Where are the depletions coming from in your lives that are taking you down? Is your diet mineral and vitamin rich? Do you have any constitutional or genetic (lineage) weaknesses that need more support? Do you get enough sleep? And, don’t underestimate the powerful impact of the emotional body on the physical health. Feeling inspired and following your heart is imperative to feeling and being immune.


Anytime we see imbalanced immune activity at the Tummy Temple we start asking these types of wholistic health questions. We utilize Mother’s Nature medicine cabinet, advanced body work and heart-centered wisdom to bolster the immunity and overall vitality of the person. We also observe and facilitate revelations of anything that might be holding you back. Our goal with each client is to co-create resilience and strength that lasts throughout the year.


Read on for some of our tried and true methods and ideas for enhancing immunity.

Many Blessings,

Kristi Zimmer

Kristi Zimmer, LMP
Co-owner of Tummy Temple