The Cleansing Nature of Spring

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Spring is so refreshing.  It offers the opportunity of a new beginning, hitting the “restart” button, and blooming new aspects of your self.  The winter starts to feel heavy on our bodies and minds, and we crave clearing.  This is the most active cleansing season for the Tummy Temple. 

The most popular cleansing focus for Spring is the liver.  This is the time for dandelion roots, beets, and n-acetyl-cystine.  These are all liver cleansing items that help the liver to decongest and renew.  A congested liver gives rise to many uneasy symptoms like low immunity, poor fat digestion, nausea, fatigue, skin problems, reproductive ills, chemical sensitivity, excessive weight around the middle, and sluggish bowels.  A good cleansing program can address all of these symptoms and leave you feeling clear and healthy.

At the Tummy Temple we customize spring cleansing programs according to the needs of our clients.  However, a few things apply to everyone. 

  1. Liver cleansing must only be done with elimination support.  It is unwise to unload toxins into the body without optimizing the release of those toxins outside of the body.  A good liver cleansing program will ensure elimination support either in the form of products, colonics, massage or home enemas.
  2. Diet is crucial to cleansing the liver and keeping it clean.   There are foods that support the liver’s detox pathways and ones that clog them.  It’s important to work with our Registerd Dietitians if you are not educated on this matter.
  3. Massage therapy helps to drain the liver and gall bladder and enhance the circulation of blood to the liver.  A good liver/gall bladder release from the skilled hands of our practitioners is like opening up a stuck door to a room with stale air.  It feels great and you feel like you can breathe again from deep within.

If you are ready to love your liver the right way, then speak to a practitioner about a good starting place for you.  Your cleansing program can look like a dietary change or a full blown liver makeover!