The Beat of a Drum

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For your listening enjoyment, here is a short audio clip of one of my writings from Helen Lowe’s Witness Writing group. In our group, one participant draws a prompt and reads it–then pens go to paper and for the next ten minutes, in a “stream-of-consciousness” style, we write.

The prompt was “The Beat of a Drum.” It is read exactly as it was written. Oddly, it seems perfectly appropriate for those who recieve the Tummy Temple Times.    I hope you enjoy it.

Click here for the audio clip.


Shelly Shelley, LMP

With Gratitude to Sean Donovan and Andrew Shelley for the clever sound effects and recording of the audio clip.

Helen’s writing group inspired the group that I facilitate at the Tummy Temple-Body Stories. It was also, in part, an inspiration for our retreat coming up in just a few weeks time!