Planning for Wellness

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Spring is coming! I have seen the signs; increased day light, buds on the trees, and birds are singing up a storm in my backyard. My mind turns to freshening up, and I’ve already started cleansing a few drawers and closets in the house. Now my calendar needs a colonic to allow me time to work on my body!

Indeed, wellness often requires a little rearranging of the structure of our lives, and even more, the ingrained structure of our brains. First, breathe more. Relax the tension on your face and in your shoulders. Consume more pure water. Then sleep more, walk more, and take a little more time to notice the flowers coming up. Starting right now you can create space in your life for wellness to appear with a single, thoughtful breath.

This type of mindfulness in creating space for wellness is the first step to a successful spring cleansing program. At the Tummy Temple we will see many people on cleansing programs over the next few months. The clients that will be the most satisfied will be those that carry the effects of their cleansing work into the next season because they made the space for a lifestyle change. This doesn’t mean that clients who receive relief from aggravating health symptoms will not be happy. It simply means that lifestyle changes serve us longer than acute relief goals, so the positive effects of your work continue long after the cleansing program ends.

So what will it take for you to allow more wellness into your life?At the Temple we meet each client wherever they are on the vast wellness continuum.We keep in mind what will create the most results with the greatest ease and have staying power after the cleansing program is finished.Sometimes the greatest thing that comes from a program is an attitude adjustment or newly found awareness.Other times it is success in eliminating an aggravating food.Some clients find that diagnostics added to their program give them motivating and definitive information.Often it’s simply figuring out how to make self- care a regular activity.

The good news is that your effort has a collective affect.Over time regular programs start to add up to a lifestyle of wellness and maintaining good habits gets easier.What starts off as a detox diet ends up becoming the on-going tone of the pantry.Clients who have cleared aggravating symptoms are now working on feeling more flexible and joyful instead of reducing bloating.Fine tuning starts to get really fun and rewarding when a wellness lifestyle is fully in place.

So in this moment, let’s take step #1 together… take a deep breath or 3. Relax your shoulders and face. Now ask yourself, what is the second step that I can take to plan for wellness in my life? Without judgment or unnecessary critique listen to the messages that come forth from within. Now go to your calendar and pencil it in… walk on Tuesday afternoon, massage on Saturday, try out a healthy new dish on Friday. The options are as limitless and unique as you are!

Yours in Wellness,

Kristi Zimmer, LMP
CO-Owner of Tummy Temple