New Year, New Body, Mind and Spirit

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New Year
New Body, Mind and Spirit


Welcome to 2013 and a grand opportunity to shed the ways of the past that no longer serve you and ignite a renewed sense of vitality. This marks the beginning of the most fertile season at the Tummy Temple when we reacquaint ourselves with clients of the past coming in for rejuvenation and meet new clients just embarking on a wellness journey. It is an exciting time as we join forces with our community and spend some time transforming bodies into Temples.


This year we have the lucky alignment of the year of the Serpent combined with the other side of auspicious 2012 to help us make some deep changes. It’s time to dream big. So pause for a moment, take a deep breath, relax your body and decide that you can transform into anything you desire. After your mind removes its limitations take another deep breath and consider your most vital self. What would that look like? Feel like? Would you be more flexible? Less achy? Sharper in your mind? More resilient to stress? Calmer? More sensual? Participating in a favorite new or old exercise activity? Tuned into your inner guidance? Commit to allowing a new skin to emerge in this year of the serpent and allow some of the dead skin of the past to shed.



We all have an inner knowing that helps to guide us in a transformative process. When my children are feeling out of balance and cranky, I often tell them to tune into their goodness, their happiest and best feeling in their heart. From there a beneficial action step evolves to move them out of a stressed state into one of increased well-being. This is a great exercise for adults, too, especially when the excuses and limitations of the mind set in… “I’ve always been this way.” “I don’t have time.” “I don’t have the money.” “This is genetic and will never change.” Deep in our hearts and within our intuition lies a knowing of our biggest and brightest self. Even if we are not experiencing it we can call upon it and begin moving towards it. With regular practice, transformation is sure to follow.


I will never forget my first cleanse. It wasn’t easy in any way. I had to learn all new ways of cooking, my colonics were very uncomfortable and I was rather moody and irritable. But I was determined to be free of digestion issues, so I kept up the practice of regular body work and dietary refinement. The next time, it was much easier with more desirable results. I had my first successful and enjoyable colonic. I got more out of my massages and the results lasted longer. My supplements started to make a noticeable difference and going into the natural foods store wasn’t so intimidating. Best of all, I began to notice my gut feelings and they made a lot more sense to me. My inner guidance was surfacing which helped me to make choices that positively affected my mood. 3 years of this kind of work later I had an entirely new digestive system and a whole new look and feel to my body.


Flash forward over 15 years to the present day, 3 kids later, running a business and home, a city lifestyle and a much more “mature” body… you will find me still transforming. This time the goals are different… less coffee, more time to exercise, a more relaxed expression on my face, improved adrenal health and nerves. The practice is the same and in some ways I feel like I’m a beginning student again with several of these new goals, but the wisdom of knowing that I can transform makes it all a little easier. It’s not a leap of faith anymore, but rather a commitment to always inviting my highest self and greatest sense of vitality to shine through.


In this very new moment of this very special New Year, I invite you to discover and uncover the most exciting new version of yourself. Who will you be in the dawn of this new era of awakening on our planet? What will your body temple look like and feel like? In the shadow of 2012 and the dawn of 2013 we can transform together and find both a renewed sense of self and a renewed community. So for a moment, pause with me and let’s have a dream together; a vibrant, healthy, strong, heart-centered, balanced and evolved dream. And then let’s take action and make our dream come true.

Many blessings for 2013 and beyond,

Kristi Zimmer, LMP
Co-Owner of Tummy Temple