Get the Juices Flowing

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This month summer officially begins.  Are you ready to get your juices flowing?  I’m talking about circulation at every level… your mind, body, and spirit.  Creativity, blood flow, social interaction, passion… a major increase in all of these is available to us during this warmest of all seasons.  Don’t miss out!  This is where the real rewards of our work together throughout the year bloom and bear all kinds of pleasurable fruit.

It is often pain and discomfort that brings us to the table at the Temple.  We have an inflammatory reaction to something, over stretch a muscle, or become unable to tolerate congestion any longer.  That’s fair enough and a downright good reason to do some supportive, body-focused healing work .  But why stop at relief?  Why not go for the pleasure principle since you are so close when symptoms subside?  Why not enjoy our bodies and create a pleasurable bio-feedback loop?  In addition to, “That food makes me bloated” we have, “This food makes me energetic!”  Or, “I can’t wait to go for a walk after lymphatic therapy,” instead of “I should get a walk in today.”  Imagine feeling so good in your body after a massage that you spontaneously hug your loved ones more!  Good feelings that naturally arise from your body can lead you to more pleasurable moments in life.

In a recent conversation with long-time colleague and friend, Shelly Shelley, we marveled at how much more enjoyable body therapies are for us now after all the years of focused work.  We still address issues but the work we do together to be well now feels like a divine refinement process.  Our focus has transformed into experiencing a pleasurable, awakened and creative physical existence instead of freedom from pain, trauma and dysfunction.  It took dedication to get here, but our standard was always beyond relief to something much greater and way more interesting.

So I say change your embodiment standards this summer while the opportunity is hot!  If you have found symptom relief, then keep going.  Pleasure is right around the corner.  If you are still working on the symptoms, add in the goal of pleasure and start enjoying some of the benefits of your hard work a little sooner.  Transform those moments of achieving relief into a moment of ecstasy!

And for those of you who can’t quite make the jump into this belief system, I offer this quick muse from our recent past to stir some good vibrations inside of you … click here!


Kristi Zimmer, LMP
Co-Owner of Tummy