For the Men!

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This one is for the men…we love our Temple Men!  If you are not a man reading this then think about one that you know and love.  We all have at least one beloved male in our lives; a father, a brother, a son, a husband, a boyfriend, a good guy friend.  This newsletter is for them, so forward it on!  

To the surprise of many, the Tummy Temple hosts a wide variety of male clients ranging from athletes to farmers, corporate executives to soldiers, construction workers to health conscious tech heads.  You name it, we’ve served them!  One thing they all have in common is a desire for simple, direct, effective information and service.  Men are “easy” in the sense that if they are impressed and feel better with our support than what they could create on their own, then they come back.  If they aren’t, then they don’t bother.  Our services have to yield therapeutic results in order to retain our male clientele.   Just like at the mechanic’s shop, they don’t buy fluff for the sake of fluff.

Some myths that we have busted for men over the years include their understanding of a healthy belly.  A lot of men believe that 6 pack abs are a sign of health.  They can be, but often locked under the wall of tension are restricted, congested organs.  The tension must be released and the organs restored before toning properly.  Bloated bellies are often viewed as fat, when in fact they are mostly just full of noxious air.  There is an enormous sense of relief of pressure on every level when men loose the “beer belly” or middle age bloat by the end of a colonic or good abdominal massage.  Now keeping it deflated can take more strategy.  Call in the Naturopathic Doctors and Registerd Dietitians! 

Another lesser known option for men to improve their vitality is massaging the lower abdomen in the pelvis.  This simple self-care technique improves digestion, relieves tension and helps to optimize prostate and reproductive organ health (more on this in Men have bellies, too article below).   Men are generally quite excited that there are things they can do on their own (and with professional support) to improve this function beyond taking Saw Palmetto herbal capsules. 

Men are also warming up to the fact that difficult emotional states and stress greatly affect them.  Testosterone gives men one up on keeping certain vulnerable emotions under control, but emotional stressors often show up in their bodies, just like their female counterparts.  Our Temple Men are often surprised when their bodies show stress wear and tear, because they assume their bodies will be more resilient.  They are intrigued with their unique mind/body connection and happily surprised when intense layers of tension disappear during deeply relaxed states on the table.  For men it can often be that simple, relax and restore.  Done.

Men love feeling like they can make a difference in their well-being.  They enjoy being invited and inspired to the take care of themselves.  They are often in provider roles and appreciate optimizing their life force energy.  Our male clients drive us to provide straight forward, effective services and products with a little extra magic that they can’t make on their own. 

We thank you and honor you this month and throughout the year!

Kristi Zimmer LMP
Co-Owner of Tummy Temple
Wife, mother, daughter and sister to some wonderful males