Channeling Love Through the Body Temple

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by Kristi Zimmer (LMP, co-owner)

The day after the Newtown Tragedy I tearfully drove myself into the Tummy Temple for a scheduled Detox Massage appointment with Christina Sarver, LMP.  My heart was full of pain, my kidneys ached with terror, and my awakened womb felt like a void of the emptiest extreme.  I had spent the last 18 hours hiding the emotional storm raging through my body from my little children, but the damn broke as I cried my way into the Tummy Temple.  Luckily, our dearest Christina is a healer of the highest caliber and turned my Detox Massage into a heart purification ritual of the highest order.  

The blessing for me that day was that I discovered how to allow unconditional love to flow through my body and heal my heart.  Christina chanted over me, with me and for me and gracefully moved her healing hands around my body until something magical happened.  I felt like an instrument; a hollowed out reed that would be played for peace.  Just as this empty space within me became comfortable it was filled with golden light and a clear feeling of unconditional love.  What a relief!  I didn’t have to DO anything!  I just needed to allow it to flow through me and move everything else out of the way.  Often times it takes being in a dark place to beg for relief and be open enough to receive it.  

When I left the treatment room, people who saw me remarked, “You look so radiant!”  Indeed, I felt like I was radiating the purest love that I had ever experienced.  Now I know the secret, and I’m not waiting to be on my knees to be an open channel for love.  Every day I am inviting love into my heart and loving presence into my life.  Every day I give greater consideration to tending to my body as a Temple; an instrument of peace and love.

Will you join me in this Valentine Season in taking care of your Temple and channeling the potent force of love?  Clear the anger in your liver, ignite the fire in your digestion, breathe deeply, release the tension in your shoulders, and open your heart to all the love your body can possibly handle!

Kristi Zimmer, LMP
Co-Owner of Tummy Temple