4 Hands Insider Review

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My experience with four-hands massage/craniosacral work with Amanda and Shelly is difficult to explain because they took me and my nervous system to such a state of relaxation, yet awareness, that mere words seem to barely scratch the surface of the actual experience.  The way these practitioners work together is magical and intuitive.  For me, this was a true experience in all senses of the word; transcendent and transformational.  It comfortably stretched my psyche, body, and soul to new limits.  I gained a heightened awareness of the subtle tensions and holding patterns and felt a sense of validation that has allowed me to further trust my body’s messages.  I have been able to take this awareness into my daily life as a tool for recognizing and letting go of chronic patterns, making this session last much longer than one hour…

My body had one strong message to send: LOVE.  I felt the love pouring out from Shelly, showering over me from Amanda, and felt the strong connection and adoration that Amanda and Shelly have for one another.  Then the true gift: having both practitioners present held the space so that I could freely FEEL the love for myself—not just think, imagine, or fantasize about this notion or emotion, but feel it on my skin, in my breath, moving through my muscles and resting in my cells.  The space allowed me to be tender, present, and available to listen to this body of knowledge and download the messages by physically feeling the weight of them.  Having a third person present in the room gave a little “breathing room” to let my guard down without feeling like I was dumping my innards onto one practitioner.  They were there to support me together, without expectation or agenda.  My body led the session and all three of us listened, participated, and learned.  I left the session feeling full and light. 

And, for the pragmatic part of me…This one-hour felt like receiving THREE hours of amazing bodywork… When I allowed my left brain to re-engage, it was SOOO happy because we 1) had given it a rest, and 2) were efficient with our time–which is one of my left brain’s favorite things!

Thank you to Shelly and Amanda for this beautiful offering!  I cannot wait to receive it again!
–Katy Rokasy, Temple Manager