How to Make an Appointment Online

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Click HERE to watch the online tutorial OR follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Login with information above.
  3. Click on Make Appointments tab at the top of the page.
  4. Choose the Therapy, Skill Level, and Therapist.
  5. Click on any available GREEN CELL that represents the start time of the appointment, review policies and click Next.
  6. The next screen is to verify all details of your appointment, then click Next again,
  7. You are not done…then click Make Appointment.
  8. You can always login and check your upcoming appointments by clicking on My Appointments tab.

Important Note: All appointments made with the Tummy Temple are subject to strict 24 hour cancellation policy.  If you cancel, reschedule, or no show for any appointment without providing a full 24 hours notice, you are responsible for the full price of the appointment to be charged to the credit card on file for your account. You are financially responsible for ALL appointments you book with the online scheduling system. Confirmation and reminder emails are a courtesy, you are responsible for all appointments you make even if you do not receive the emails. Click here for full Cancellation Policy.

Terms of Use:  If you choose to use the online scheduling system, you agree to the following terms.