True Full Body Massage

Tim ZimmerMassage

How would you feel if you went in for a tune up on your car and the mechanic forgot to address the engine?

Likely you would not be happy and for good reason. You should be concerned that a major component to your car’s health was overlooked and problems will likely ensue.

Consider your guts and organs like the engine of your car.

Whether you are looking for relaxation, release of pain, structural work, improved digestion or improved systemic detoxification you must consider your tummy in the equation.

All of our massage therapists are state licensed and trained not only to address your limbs, back, neck, head, feet and hands, they are also trained to address your tummy and how to work within your abdominal cavity and pelvic bowl.

Consider the possibility that your low back pain is actually about the portion of your spine that faces the tummy. Massage therapists at the Tummy Temple can reach the front side of the spine – the actual weight bearing side – and treat Psoas Major and Iliacus muscles (see images below) as well as connective tissues that suspend the organs and attach to the back of the tummy. These tissues are frequently the cause of low back, hip and spinal pain.

As you can see from the pictures below, it is through the tummy and pelvic bowl that the Psoas and Iliacus are most effectively addressed.

If you really want a true FULL body massage then come to the Tummy Temple. Experience work from a massage therapist trained to address the organs, the connective tissue and muscles, and the fluid movement of the tummy which also effects the rest of the body.