Health Care Providers Trust the Tummy Temple!

Tim ZimmerTestimonials

Over 530 local Health Care providers refer clients to the Tummy Temple*.

If they can trust us, so can you!

  • 250+ Naturopathic & Medical Doctors
  • 150+ Massage Therapists
  • 25+ Chiropractors
  • 50+ Acupuncturists
  • 20+ Yoga/Pilates Instructors
  • 40+ Miscellaneous Health Care Providers (Dentists, Colon Hydrotherapists, Registered Dietitians, Hypnotherapists, Physical Therapists, Psychiatrists, Nurses, Urologists, etc.)

*Data supporting the above numbers was pulled from the Tummy Temple online appointment scheduling system database.  The numbers above are conservative and tied to unique names for each referral source.  The information was gathered during the new client account setup process.  Information presented is up to date as of January 2017.