Welcome to Tummy Temple!

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We’re so glad you’ve chosen the Tummy Temple for your health care needs. If this is your first time visiting the Tummy Temple, please take a moment to read the following helpful information.

Next Steps:  Fill out your intake form and set-up your Patient Fusion health records account.

Once your first appointment is scheduled, you will need to fill out your intake form before your first appointment. Click here to securely fill it out online.

Next, take a look at your email inbox for an email from Practice Fusion. It is a secure online healthcare records system. This is a useful tool for reviewing your post-session notes, practitioner recommendations, getting lab results, and communicating with practitioners in an encrypted and private system. PLEASE NOTE:  We do not schedule appointments through Patient Fusion.  To schedule an appointment, please call Tummy Temple at 206-237-4515 or you can schedule online here.

For directions and information about parking click here.

First Appointment and what to expect:

If you have completed your online intake form, feel free to arrive just a few minutes prior to your appointment.  If you have NOT completed the online Intake Form, please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment to complete the form here at the Tummy Temple. 

If you arrive early:

On the top floor of the Seattle Tummy Temple awaits our beautiful, light-filled Serenity Lounge.  Sip on some tea, try a tincture our peruse our boutique. Sit back, relax, and unwind while you wait for your appointment. 

After your appointment: 

Sometimes clients need a moment to recollect themselves and get back into their bodies after a session.  Our waiting areas are the perfect place to sit and let your session settle in.  After a colon hydrotherapy session, you may want to relax in our waiting areas for about 15 minutes or so to see if you need to have any more releases before you are on your way.

Preparing for your services Check out our FAQ page for detailed information about your service. 

Preparing for a colon hydrotherapy session:

1) 24 – 72 hours prior to your appointment, refrain from eating foods that are hard to digest, can cause gas, are sticky, or can cause blockages.  Some of these foods include meats, beans, cheeses, and raw vegetables.  Steamed or cooked vegetables are okay to eat.  

2) Refrain from eating 2 – 4 hours prior to your appointment.  If you have to eat something, make sure it’s easy to digest, such as a smoothie or applesauce.  

3) Refrain from drinking lots of water 1 hour before your appointment.  Having an empty bladder will make for a more comfortable session. 

Preparing for IVs

What is most important in preparing for IVs is that you hydrate well for the 48 hours prior to the IV. This is important so that your veins express themselves well for easy needle insertion. As well, regardless of what IV you get, your body will receive it better, respond better, and get more out of it when you are well hydrated.