Spiritual Journey

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Spiritual Journey

Working in the core can open one up to deep realizations as we get closer to our “gut instincts” and intuition.  This program focuses on working through energetic blocks and/or gathering answers from deep within our subconscious.  Some people will be guided to do this package because they’ve tried everything else to heal their physical issues.  Some people know what they need to work on in their spiritual life.  Wherever you happen to be along this path you will find this program supportive and enlightening.  The goal here is to open your self to the messages that lie within.

It can be helpful to explore your intention for the program prior to beginning.  If this is unclear to you then your practitioner can assist with this.  Set your sessions for 1 time a week for 3 weeks.  Sacred numerology is important here!

You can expect these sessions to use a variety of techniques from energy work, guided meditations, intuitive massage, toning, prayer, and breath work depending on who you work with and your own needs and goals.

Emotional releases can happen outside these sessions as well, so it is important to inform those around you who might be affected.  See the attached emotional release information for more details. 
Common reasons to choose this package include:
• Energetic blocks
• Bereavement and grief
• Spiritual attunement
• Inner guidance
• Emotional release
• Mental clarity

Products                         Directions for Use      Reason
Nitro Greens 1 teaspoon in water or juice 1 X Day for 3 weeks Therapeutic “green drinks” alkalinize the body and help to create an expansive, non-addicted feeling
Inner Peace Massage Oil Massage oil into hands, breathe in aroma, and apply to ears, chest, and neck.  Use at least 4 times a day upon rising, before lunch, before evening meal and at bedtime.  Can also be used for acute situations where emotional or mental clarity is needed. Grounding “Big Tree” oils immediately balance and nourish the nervous system by crossing the blood/brain barrier upon inhalation.