Pharmax Products

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Pharmax Products!

  • We are super excited to be carrying this line of probiotics for a few different reasons…
    1) They are highly effective as proven by clinical trials.
    2) The company is funding independent research and peer reviews regarding the use of probiotics in effectively treating allergies and auto-immune conditions.
  • Pharmax has isolated strains of bacteria that are effective in skewing one’s immune response to a more “TOLERANT” state.  TOLERANCE is the key in effectively dealing with someone’s propensity to have both allergies and immune issues.  Probiotics are instrumental in creating an environment that sustains tolerance.
  • HLC High Potency Capsules:  8 million viable cells and 300 mg of FOS
    6 months shelf life at room temperature, 2 years if refrigerated
  • Most of our clients will be on this supplement. 
    It is for folks who tend towards chronic bowel issues. 
    It works to prevent chronic dysbiosis.
    It’s great for those susceptible to stressful lifestyles.
    This is also a great product for people who tend to have food allergy, skin, and lung flare ups.
  • HLC Intensive Capsules:  24 billion viable cells
    3 months shelf life at room temperature, 2 years if refrigerated
  • This product is used to:
    re-colonize the intestine following routine, simple antibiotic use
    address acute allergy flare ups
    balance the immune system fast (ex.  When someone has a colitis flare up or gets the flu)
    suppress actute IBS symptoms
    resolve routine dysbiosis (ex: food poisoning or candida flare up)
  • HCL Colon-izer:  40 billion viable cells, 2.5g of Butyric Acid, 2g of L-Glutamine
    3 months shelf life at room temperature, 2 years if refrigerated
  • This is a fantastic implant for the colon after hydrotherapy.
    It prevents opportunistic bacteria from taking over the GI tract after cleansing. 
    This product has amino acids and food to feed the mucosal cells lining the colon.
    If someone is doing intensive cleansing work (ex: 2-3 sessions/week) suggest they use the implant when they will not be returning for at least 2 weeks for hydrotherapy.  Use oral probiotics during and between cleansing programs.
    Use entire contents of one bottle in one application. 
    Sell the normal implant kit with the bottle.