Inner Ecology

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Inner Ecology


This path will help you get in touch with your inner gardener! It is important

to attend to the inner ecology and actively create flora balance in our bodies.

We see the damage that occurs from neglect of this process … yeast infections,

parasites, low immunity, and intestinal disorders to name a few. With this

package you will effectively reduce the presence of “weeds,” unfriendly

microbes, and “re-seed” with beneficial bacteria to create an inner “Garden of


The anti-dysbiosis product is a time-released wild oregano formula that

effectively kills off parasites and yeast over a 5 week period. The colon

hydrotherapy sessions assist in the elimination of these toxic microorganisms and

their waste products, and reduce the usual “die-off” healing crisis. Finally, the

friendly bacteria formula used after the cleansing phase is a clinically- tested,

intensive formula designed specifically to repopulate the bowels and improve

immunity. This final phase lasts for 30 days.

It is important to follow this program as designed to achieve desired results. The

pattern is similar to antibiotic therapy where missing a dose can reduce efficacy.

Colon hydrotherapy sessions should be scheduled 1 time a week for 5 weeks, the

length of the cleansing phase. This will allow for complete elimination of the

microorganisms and their toxic by- products as well as reduce cleansing side

effects such as nausea, cravings, and headache pain.


Common reasons to choose this package include:



Chronic bloating



Intense and chronic sugar cravings



Foggy brain and irritability



Chronic lethargy



Chronic diarrhea



Diagnosed parasite or yeast infections


Products Directions for Use Reason


ADP (anti-dysbiosis



4 tablets between meals 3 times a

day for 2 weeks

3 tablets a day between meals 3

times a day for 3 weeks

Kill off parasites and yeast


Pharmax HLC



Take 1 capsule with evening meal

immediately after previous

cleansing phase

Populate the intestines with

good bacteria