Inner Ecology with Good Bacteria

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Inner Ecology with Good Bacteria

The friendly bacteria in your intestinal tract are a vital part of your immune system by maintaining the membrane that separates our inner and outer worlds.   They also help extract nutrients from your food, improve your nutrition intake, provide energy, and digest toxins in the intestinal tract so that they don’t make it back into your body.  They live in a delicate balance and must be repopulated on a regular basis for optimal health.  It is important to supplement them and also to learn ways to get them naturally from your food.  For more information on increasing your friendly bacteria through food sources, please set up an appointment with a Tummy Temple Registerd Dietitian.  Until then, start tending to your inner garden with the protocol below.

Oral Application

For maintenance dosages take 1-2 capsules of Pharmax HLC High Potency daily with food.

For therapeutic dosages take 1capsule of Pharmax HLC Intensive daily with meals until bottle is finished.  Follow up with a maintenance dosage of Pharmax HCL High Potency at 1-2 capsules daily with food indefinitely.

Rectal Implant

 Use the Pharmax Colon-izer formula.
 Do the implant just before bed for maximum absorption.
 Mix entire contents of bottle with purified, room temperature water in a clean glass making a slurry consistency (approximately 2-3 oz of water).
 Draw solution up into the syringe.
 Attach the catheter to the end of the syringe and lubricate the tip.
 Lie on your left side, insert the catheter fully into the rectal canal and depress the syringe releasing the solution.
 Remove the catheter and dispose of the kit.
 Repeat after every colon hydrotherapy session unless sessions are closer together than 2 weeks.  In that case apply solution at the end of the series.


Watch a short video with Janell for more information!