Fast and Reflect

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Fast and Reflect

Deep cleansing that includes fasting has been a form of healing and a way to access higher spiritual states throughout the history of man.  The challenge today is to do it in a balanced way that doesn’t tax the body and leaves you with a healthy relationship to food.  You will be rewarded for your commitment to your health and this cleanse with a feeling of lightness and clarity on many levels. 

This program includes the famous Ejuva kit and 4 sessions of colon hydrotherapy scheduled at 1x per week.  It lasts a month and will gradually take you off of solid foods.  The first week you will be eating 3 meals a day and taking your herbs and fiber shake once a day.  The next week you will eat 2 meals a day and take herbs and fiber shake twice a day.  The third week you will be down to 1 meal a day and three rounds of herbs and a fiber shake.  The final week you will come off of solid foods, using only broths or juices, and take the herbs and fiber shake 4 times a day.  You will gradually add foods back into your diet over the following week and experience a new desire for healthy foods.  ** Directions for use of the products and the diet recommendations are found in the Ejuva  manual enclosed in the kit.

This cleanse is known for ridding the body of mucoid plaque, which is the built up waste along the intestinal tract from years of poor eating habits and/or constipation.   This plaque can be hard to pass which is why intensive colonics are ideal for this cleansing program.  2-3 a week are not uncommon.

This is one of the most popular cleansing programs for vegans, vegetarians, and raw foodists because of its level of purity.  The herbal formulas used throughout the cleanse assist with purging toxins, restoring the intestinal tract and liver, and improving energy.  They are balanced Chinese, Ayurvedic and American herbal formulations.  There is an essential oil blend to assist with emotional clearing and mental clarity.  Probiotics (good bacteria) and fiber are also included.

We have found that significant changes can be made with diet using this package.  If you have suffered from unhealthy food cravings and habits and want to achieve change in a balanced way, then you will find this program particularly rewarding.  

If you are looking for a spiritual awakening through a deeper cleansing program, then you will appreciate this program.  Clients report feelings of enlightenment and mental breakthroughs throughout this cleanse and long after. 

Common reasons to choose this package include:
• Sluggish bowels
• Create a new relationship to food (ex:  reduce overeating)
• Break addiction to junk foods and refined sugar
• Spiritual attunement
• Improve energy and feel lighter