Emotional Release

Tim ZimmerPost Session Handouts

For releases of an emotional nature consider the following things:

Emotions are a normal part of the human experience.  The more you accept them the more likely they are to pass quickly and not rule your life.  Also, knowing that they are a passing experience allows you be more compassionate with yourself and not feel guilty about their presence.  Do not invest a lot of energy in trying to figure out exactly what they are all about.  

Releasing pent up emotions is good for the organs, relieving them of the work of holding onto these emotions.   Our culture emphasizes holding it together, but there are many good reasons to feel out of sorts.   Don’t stuff it.

Emotions are related to the feeling senses and not the logical senses.  Don’t spend too much energy on trying to make sense of it all.  Feel them and let them go.

Let your friends and loved ones know that you might be experiencing some emotions due to the cleansing process and to not take anything personally with regard to your mood swings and emotional expressions.  Also, be sure to ask for support during these times of emotional release.

When you begin to experience emotional releases remember to breathe into your pelvis as most of the time the breath will immediately go to the chest.  Breathing into the pelvis will allow the emotion to pass through more easily. 

Releasing emotions can be scary initially but the more accepting you are of yourself and this process the easier it gets.  You will find that you have more compassion you have for yourself and others. 

Emotions are neither good or bad… they just are a normal expression of the human experience.  Some experiences result in more intense emotional releases.