Help us pass a law to protect our healthcare rights!

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Tummy Temple staff is leading the effort to establish a new law that would ensure access to colon hydrotherapy in WA State. Learn all about the history and current activity of this effort by visiting The bottom line is that the colon hydrotherapy industry is under attack and being perceived by the Department of Health as the practice of medicine, only to be performed by a doctor. This would eliminate 95% of the providers in WA State and drive the costs of the service up by 200%.

Thanks to the awesome outreach by our client community and professional network, we have achieved the support of the legislature and are steadily working toward passing a bill into law in January of 2020.

What can you do to join this movement and secure your access to this valuable wellness service?

Donate, please. Every political campaign requires financial support and this one is no different. 100% of all donations go directly to lobbyist fees and all other effort is volunteer. Who knew that your local colon hydrotherapist is also a political activist?! We need to raise $12,000 to ensure lobbying support through the legislative season. Any and every amount helps!

Donate here.

Establish a relationship with your legislator. When the bill is ready, and sponsorship is secured, we will need our community to encourage legislators to vote for it. We will keep you updated with how to proceed, but in the meantime, let your legislator know about this issue and how important it is to you. Send them an email and let them know that you will follow up with bill specifics in the coming weeks.

Don’t know your legislator? Click here to find out.

Plus, give a shout out to the legislators who have taken this on.

The legislators who have listened to us and supported our efforts thus far are Rep. Eileen Cody from the 34th District and Rep. Nicole Macri from the 43rd District. Sending them an email thanking them for their work on this issue would be much appreciated.

For the 43rd district (Capitol Hill, Wallingford, Ravenna, Wedgewood) email Rep. Macri’s office and Legislative Assistant, [email protected]


“Dear Rep. Macri,

I understand that your office has taken interest in an important issue to me; maintaining access to colon hydrotherapy from the service providers I know and trust. Thank you for supporting legislative efforts in this direction and I look forward to following up with your progress.


Your name, phone #”

For 34th district (West Seattle, Burien, White Center, Vashon Island) email Rep. Cody’s office and Legislative Assistant, [email protected]


“Dear Rep. Cody,

I understand that your office is working with Rep. Macri on the issue of ensuring access to colon hydrotherapy. This is an important issue to me and I appreciate your leadership and legislative support. I look forward to following up with you on this issue.


Your name, phone #”

If you know people in these districts, then share this information! And you don’t have to be in their district to join in the gratitude! Reach out no matter where you live!

Excercise your right to be well and access therapies that keep you that way!