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In our society, it’s not uncommon to lead busy, stressful lives. Whether it’s a 40-hour plus workweek, raising a family, cramming in sleep when it’s convenient, or caregiving for a sick loved one, this stress will eventually catch up to us. It can strain our health, lead to weight gain and hormone changes, affect sleep and energy levels and dampen our overall quality of life.

Hypnotherapy can be a valuable tool to help you overcome some of these strains. It can help you achieve a better balance in your daily endeavors, enjoy healthy foods and portion sizes and increase your motivation to get moving and stay active.  If you have been actively trying to lose weight, hypnotherapy can give you the support to reduce cravings and adapt healthy habits that allow you keep the weight off for good.

Additionally, hypnotherapy is an effective way to help you resolve some of the emotional turmoil or effects of past trauma that can affect the healing process. No matter where you are on your healing journey, hypnotherapy can provide the tools you need to achieve deep and lasting transformation.


What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy, or hypnosis refers to a naturally occurring state of mind that is experienced on a daily basis. It’s a deep state of relaxation, or trance that allows for positive changes to physical and emotional well being to occur. Hypnosis addresses underlying emotions and subconscious beliefs that play a significant role in our well-being, and affect our overall health. Hypnotherapy sessions can provide additional support needed to live a quality lifestyle that involves a happier, healthier you.

What can I expect from a hypnotherapy session?

Before entering a deep state of relaxation, or trance, understand that you will be in control throughout the entire session. You hear everything, are aware of what is happening and remember what is said at the end of the session. If you have ever zoned out while reading a great book or while watching a movie, you have experienced a mild form of trance. During this meditative, or hypnotic state, positive and long-lasting changes can occur. You’ll learn tools to gain more control over your behaviors, emotions and physical well-being.

How long is each session?

Hypnotherapy sessions are scheduled in 1-hour increments. Often you will be given tasks to complete between sessions that can optimize your overall results. Clients often report going into trance more easily and effectively with subsequent sessions.

What is hypnosis useful for?

Hypnosis is a valuable tool for promoting positive changes leading to weight loss, improved therapeutic outcomes and stress relief to name a few. It’s useful for addressing underlying belief systems and attitudes that prevent us from being our best selves. Rigid behavioral patterns can be broken, and a renewed sense of freedom and well-being can be achieved.

How does hypnosis work?

Our minds are divided into the conscious state and subconscious state. It’s in the conscious state that we do our thinking, act and make decisions. Our subconscious mind controls our behaviors. During hypnosis, a deep state of relaxation allows for communication of the conscious and subconscious mind. In a trance (or deep relaxation state), unhealthy habits and emotions can be addressed, and an improved sense of well-being and balance can be achieved.

How many sessions are recommended?

The number of sessions needed varies based on individual needs and goals. It is recommended that 1-2 sessions be planned for upfront. The average length of a program is 4 sessions, and some individuals find it helpful to check in for maintenance sessions from time to time for ongoing support.

Who provides the Hypnotherapy?


Dr. Venessa is a registered hypnotherapist in WA State.  As a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Venessa is also able to integrate Naturopathic medical consultations, diagnostic lab work and treatment planning in support of your goals.  Specifically for weight management, Dr. Venessa also specializes in the hCG Diet.

How much does it cost?