Case Study: Eat More Rainbows and Heal Your Gut!

Dr. Jamie Doughty, NDCase Studies, Constipation, Natural Medicine

Most disease states in the body point to chronic inflammation in the gut, a term naturopathic physicians refer to as leaky gut syndrome.

Case: 45 year old Stacy had been sick off and on most of her adult life taking antibiotics multiple times per year. Her gastroenterologist diagnosed her with irritable bowel syndrome. She suffered from bloating, gas and constipation. Most of the time she needed an enema or laxative to have a bowel movement.

Her diet consisted of bland foods, yogurt, bagels and crackers, minimal veggies and lots of sugar to fuel her afternoon energy crashes.

There is a strong association between IBS, leaky gut and food sensitivities so we started with a blood test to check for immunological reactions to foods in her diet.

Stacy’s results showed strong intolerances to many grains, dairy products and sugar. She began an anti-inflammatory diet full of cooked vegetables, salads, fruit, poultry, eggs, pasture raised meat and coconut oil.

I started her on Betaine HCL capsules with her meals to help decreased the gas and bloating, probiotics to populate her colon with healthy bacteria and L-glutamine powder to regenerate her gut cells. Over the course of a week the bloating improved to minimal and she was having one solid bowel movement every day. After 6 weeks on the specific diet and supplements her energy started to improve, sugar cravings abated and she felt more nourished from food.

Who’s grateful for a healthy gut? I know I am! 70% of our immune system cells are found in the gut which will keep us strong and vital through the darker months ahead so heal your leaky gut to improve your digestive and immune health today.

Dr. Jamie Doughty, ND