Waste Management = Waist Management (April 2014 newsletter)

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The spring swimsuit displays in the stores have recently reminded me that it’s time for a little spring cleaning around the waist.  As always, the first task is to determine what’s fat and what’s bloating.  The next task is to find out where I’m tense and restricting flow.  Finally, a little dietary assessment will quickly illuminate some of the sources of my “winter weight gain.”  With this information in hand and in mind I can effectively move forward with reducing some of my unwanted “fat stores,” as our Temple Naturopaths like to sensitively call it.  

When creating a holistic weight loss program it is always important to assess a few lesser known concerns like endocrine function (adrenal and thyroid health) and overall body inflammation.   As well, the appropriate diet for weight loss can vary greatly from one individual to the next.  Past traumas (emotional and physical) can also create layers of “guarding” that need to be properly attended.  Postural imbalances and the resulting tension can “lock in” unwanted padding by restricting flow.  If weight management has been a struggle for you, then consult your ND for a more holistic and customized approach to your challenge (read more from our team below).  

For others, general decongestion is the key.  Move the waste in your body out of the cells and into the channels of elimination.  This can be done through a variety of methods to include detoxifying massage, Decongestive Lymphatic therapy, and colon hydrotherapy.  If stress plays the biggest role in your weight issues, then start with a detoxifying massage.  Rest your adrenal system, release tension and detox at the same time.  If constipation keeps your waistline bulging, then begin with colon hydrotherapy.  Unload a few pounds of waste in an hour right before your eyes as it exits the viewing tube.  If inflammation has you puffy and retaining water, then consider beginning with Decongestive Lymphatic therapy.  This highly effective therapy will assist the body in draining unwanted fluid retention and reducing inflammatory pain.  All of these therapies can be uniquely combined to support a customized decongestion program that will decrease your waste and waist.

And of course there are some common sense bullet points to remember with all weight loss programs:

  • Reduce sources of tension or have a change of attitude around them
  • Drink more electrolyte/mineral rich water
  • Eat smaller portions
  • Seriously increase vegetable intake and seriously reduce refined carbohydrates and fatty meats
  • Move your body through healthy exercise

And as always, your Tummy Temple team is here to support you with your waste/waist management goals.  We might even have information on the best swimsuit sales.

Many blessings,


Kristi Zimmer, LMP

Co-Owner of Tummy Temple