How to Love your Liver and Live Longer

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I love this time of year 🙂

Did you know that if you love your liver you will live longer? Research has shown that a healthy liver slows down the aging process.

This is because the liver produces glutathione which is critical to your overall health and the prevention of chronic diseases.

Our liver processes 2 quarts of blood per minute; removing and filtering toxic cellular matter, toxins from microorganisms, chemicals, drugs and medications. It’s the ultimate garbage disposal!

Case: Beth, a 50 year old woman, presented with abnormal liver function tests (elevated liver enzymes) on a routine blood test.
Her ultrasound scan revealed a fatty liver. Beth had type 2 diabetes, chronic heartburn and arthritis. Her primary doctor had prescribed several medications to address the inflammation (Prednisone then NSAIDs), reflux (Omeprazole) and poor blood sugar regulation (Metformin).

Since starting these drugs 2 years ago she had gained 50 pounds despite no change in her diet nor exercise regime and was very fatigued.
At any one timer her liver had to metabolize and deal with the waste products of 3 different drugs!

We worked on controlling her joint pain and heartburn with daily juicing (ginger, apples, cucumber and celery) along with chewable licorice root, and were able to control her diabetes by switching to Berberine capsules (which has been scientifically proven to rival the potency/effectiveness of Metformin). I also advised Beth to eat low carbohydrate and high protein diet.

I recommended weekly colonics with coffee implants to improved the abilities of the liver and gall bladder to remove toxins by boosting glutathione production, stimulating bile flow and increasing the enzymatic action of the liver cells. She also starting taking Milkthistle seed daily.

At her 3 month check in Beth had lost 15 pounds, and her blood panel showed a marked reduction in liver enzymes which implies a happier and healthier liver. Beth continues on her path of wellness and notes increased energy and vitality!


Dr. Jamie Doughty, ND
Medical Director of Tummy Temple