3 Easy Options for Liver Cleansing

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Spring is like high holidays at the Tummy Temple. Everyone is excited to dig into their spring cleansing routine. However, we often experience a little “liver chi rising” in ourselves and our client community. Have you noticed little spikes in frustration or irritability? Well, consider the liver’s personality this time of the year. It’s quite like a bear coming out of hibernation; a little stiff, sore and grumpy. The urge to purge can be strong and also accompanied by some impatience.

Purging urges can include the extra pounds that you put on for the winter, that overfull closet in your home or that toxic relationship that has been weighing you down. Great! Nature is behind you all the way and with the right tools you can get back to that easy-going, free-spirited nature that shines through when your liver chi is running smoothly.

So what the heck is liver chi rising? Well this is an eastern medicine way of saying that any repressed anger and frustration that you’ve been walking around with (known or unknown) has to come out. This rebellious energy rises up to relieve the pressure. This can look like mood swings, IBS flare ups, headaches, skin flare ups, nausea, distention of the abdomen (especially upper), temper flares, high blood pressure, exacerbated skin conditions, crampy menses, gall bladder pain, inflammatory pain episodes in the musculo-skeletal system, and chronic condition flare ups. Basically, stagnation in the liver system is ripe for a break through, so it makes its way out of the system in a bit of a hot mess.

The elements of spring intensify this whole situation. Look around at all the fresh sprouts and blooms. You can’t hold back nature, so go ahead and support the process with the following liver cleansing tips!

Take a moment with your liver and make a free spirit assessment… place your hands on your liver (right side of the rib cage), take a deep breath, say hello to your liver and refer to the responses listed below for guidance on how to approach the spring season of detox.

1. “Don’t touch me. I mean it, don’t touch me”
This liver has really had it. Gently thinning the bile (liver fluid) for maximum ease of congestion is the way to go. This can look like a dietary change to more fresh and steamed veggies , lemon water in the morning, beets and dandelion greens! Consider using a daily shake like Thorne’s Mediclear and/or a concentrated beet formula product along with some relaxing and decongesting body work.

2. “I’ll come out, but I’m depleted and reactive. Don’t push me too hard.”
This liver is ready for a multivitamin and/or gentle supportive herbs. Consider a simple structured cleanse like Total Body Rapid Detox and/or a multivitamin supplement for the liver. This liver would also appreciate some colonics and Decongestive Lymphatic therapy or a round of Chi Nei Tsang (Daoist organ massage). Of course, the dietary measures apply to every cleanse and serve as foundational support for the liver.

3. “I’m so happy spring is here! Let’s purge!”
This liver is ready for action and can handle a more extensive cleanse like the 10 day Bio-Detox. This cleanse will address decongesting, nourishing and purging the liver; along with reducing inflammation and microbiome imbalances. It’s important to add in decongesting body therapies to this routine, so plan on some colonics, massage and lymphatic work or get out your enema can and dry skin brush for home use.

If your liver’s first response is more like #1 above, then no worries. You have all of spring to make your way down to #3. Know that you are in the flow of the season, and ease your way into smoother liver chi and your most easy-spirited self.

As always, we are here to support you on your journey!

Happy Spring Cleaning!





Kristi Zimmer, Co-Owner of the Tummy Temple