3 Ways to Travel with the Temple

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Travel season is about to begin, and we are preparing to tuck ourselves in your suitcase. Long sitting times, less than optimal food options, and unfamiliar sleeping arrangements can all cause a little extra stress on our bodies. How can we bounce back quickly from travel stress and ensure our ability to enjoy our vacation time? What if we need support while we’re out and about? Consider the following options for taking the Temple with you on the road.

1. Virtual Clinic:
Did you know that we offer virtual clinic appointments Monday-Saturday for all of our Naturopathic Doctors and our Registered Dietitian? This means that established clients can call up or Skype in with our team from anywhere in the world and get medical advice/care. This option saved my family vacation when I was traveling with my small children on a long road trip and my youngest came down with a gut infection. Dr. Jamie was able to prescribe a medication while I was on the road that addressed the situation, sparing us all the ER room visit with strangers of natural medicine approaches.

2. Online Store:
You can get most of our tried and true supplements while on the road by ordering from our online store. We ship out orders received by 2pm every day and can also rush orders when needed. If you don’t have access to internet, then just give us a call for immediate assistance. If you need help with choices, schedule a virtual clinic session with our Registered Dietitian or Naturopathic Team.

3. Temple Resources:
Our Youtube channel is full of self-help guidance that can offer relief on the go. Folks LOVE our enema and dry skin brushing videos, and you will also find valuable information (and fun videos) on supplements and seasonal issues. Another great resource for wellness information is our website which contains all of our newsletter articles and guidelines for care. As always, if you have any questions, we are always a phone call away.

Be a savvy traveler and prepare for a healthy journey at this month’s free Temple Wise class as we discuss popular travel hacks. Janell will guide participants with experiential techniques and in-depth discussions on common challenges to health when traveling and how to overcome them. Join us on Thursday, June 7th at noon in the comfy Serenity Lounge at Tummy Temple Seattle.

**Clients must FIRST establish care in person before they are eligible for virtual Naturopathic Care outside of WA State.

Bon Voyage with wellness,

Kristi Zimmer, Co-Owner of the Tummy Temple