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November Promotions:

Enjoy those big holiday meals with ease by stocking up on digestive support products featured this month!

Temple Bitters (formerly Tummy Tonic)
These bitter Mayan herbs stimulate digestive juices while relaxing the gut’s nervous system for easy digestion. Temple Bitters encourage your own digestive system to work optimally and is ideal support for those with upset stomach, digestive cramping, overeating, gas, bloating or reflux. This little bottle packs a punch and is the perfect choice to bring to your next holiday party!

Zyme Max is a comprehensive digestive blend that contains a wide spectrum of enzymes, as well as hydrochloric acid, to support digestion on a foundational level addressing gas, bloating, indigestion and reflux at the roots. It also has soothing herbs and gut rebuilding L-glutamine to decrease inflammation in the gut. This heavy hitting digestive aid is ideal for chronic digestive challenges but can also address short-term issues.

Gaia Rapid Relief Gas & Bloating is a blend of vegetable charcoal, fennel, essential oils and other herbs to absorb gas and decrease bloating. Great for those suffering from gas, bloating and distention who want fast symptom relief!

Gastri-gest – This great vegetarian blend contains a broad range of enzymes to support optimal digestion; as well as probiotics, slippery elm, and marshmallow root to soothe and strengthen the lining of your digestive tract.

BioEnzymes – These awesome chewable enzymes are perfect for those who cannot tolerate swallowing pills. With natural peppermint oil they are a delicious choice for kids too!

Biogest – This formula contains hydrochloric acid, enzymes and bile to give extra help with fat digestion and constipation.

10% off all Gift Certificates – Give the gift of health and give back to the children of our community during the holidays. Tummy Temple donates 5% of all gift certificate sales in November and December to The Forgotten Children’s Fund

By Heidi Ochsner, RD, Nutrition Specialist at Tummy Temple

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