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March Promotions:

March is the month to start decongesting in preparation for a formal cleanse in the Spring!
We’re featuring the following supportive items this month to help you begin to effectively
clear out that congestion that often builds up during the fall and winter.

Dry skin brush / dry skin gloves – Spend one to two minutes, one to two times a day to help exfoliate dead skin, stimulate stagnant lymphatic flow and increase circulation. Quick and easy plus it feels soooo good!

Castor Oil Packs / Castor Oil Roll-On – This relaxing practice can help increase circulation and lymph movement in the abdominal organs and pelvis, while draining congestion from the whole abdomen (i.e. liver, intestines, reproductive organs). When used consistently castor oil can even help break down scar tissue, fibroids and adhesions! For even better results try our new Tummy Bliss, an infused castor oil roll-on to help decrease inflammation, pain and cramping.

Enemas Bucket or Bag – We’ve sourced the highest quality stainless steel bucket and hospital grade silicone wide opening bag (both with silicone tubing). No more pink hot water bottles made out of who knows what. Both enema kits are easy to clean and allow you the freedom to begin decongesting your colon and liver at home or when traveling.

SA Wilsons Enema Coffee – This super light roast enema coffee is organic and high in palmetic acid to help increase liver detoxification and support regeneration of the gut lining. It’s the healthy way to have coffee 😉

Neti Pot – Use this ancient yogic method daily for sinus clearing. You won’t believe what will come out and how great you can feel!

DYLN Alkalizing Water Bottle – This surgical grade stainless steel water bottle is an affordable, portable way to get alkaline, anti-oxidant rich, highly absorbable micro-clustered water. In about 20 min the VitaBead Diffuser will increase the pH of your water to 9 and is good for 400 refills! (Plus replacement VitaBead Diffusers only costs $10!)