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July Featured Products:

Move it! You’ll be glad you did.
Our favorite supportive body movin’ products are 20% off  when purchased on location this month so get on down here!

Temple Calm is our 100% pure Magnesium Citrate which is essential for muscle and nerve function, bone health and energy production.
70% of people do not meet the RDA requirement for magnesium. If you have muscle cramps, poor sleep, chronic pain, high stress or drink lots of caffeine / alcohol magnesium is a must have for you. Check out this article by Dr. Venessa on other reasons to take a Magnesium supplement. Try it and you will be a true believer!

Nutrizyme This blend of proteolytic enzyme is used to break down certain proteins in the body that cause inflammation. This can support joint health and speed up healing time as well as decreasing scar tissue and adhesions. A must-have for injury/surgery recovery or chronic inflammation!

Vital Proteins 100% Grass Fed Beef Gelatin and Hydrolyzed Collagen – Want healthier joints, tendons and bones? Looking to shorten your recovery time after a workout? How about thicker, stronger nails AND hair and younger-looking skin?? Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies and adding it to your everyday diet will change your life!

Epsom Salts help reduce inflammation, stimulate blood flow, and improve muscle and nerve function! Great after a long day of physical exertion or mental stress. It’s more than just a bath – it’s a way to encorporate self-care into your life. Try adding some essential oils to take the experience to the next level.