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November Featured Products:

It’s officially the start of the holiday season and we have your digestion covered! You don’t have to suffer through digestive upset, bloating, gas or bad breath this year. Instead, give yourself and your loved ones the gift of a happy tummy with our digestion supporting specials – all 20% off!

Temple Bitters 
Our bitters put a quick end to indigestion, upset stomach, bloating, and slow digestion by stimulating digestive juices. Temple Bitters go above and beyond because they also decrease abdominal cramping and calm the fight-or-flight nervous system (who can really digest with all this holiday stress!?!) Keep a bottle on the table for your family and friends to use before or after meals.

Digestive Enzymes 
 Keep your system working top notch during the holiday craziness. The goal is to stop digestive upset before it starts by taking digestive enzymes with your meals. We have enzymes with or without hydrochloric acid, vegetarian enzymes and even a delicious peppermint chewable enzyme (so holidays!).

Gas and Bloating Rapid Relief *
 If you’re gassy, bloated and ready to get out the elastic waistbands then it’s time for some Rapid Relief! This blend of charcoal, fennel, herbs and essential oils will vanquish your GI woes. 

Tung Elixir

You’ll be ready for the mistletoe tango with our holiday strength breath freshener. Organic essential oils of peppermint and cinnamon support digestion and keep your mouth happy!