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September Featured Products:

Stock up on some of our favorite products to support your Brain-Gut
connection so you can feel good in your body and your mind!


 Doctor’s BlissThis new full-spectrum, organic hemp extract oil has anti-inflammatory, anti oxidant and immune modulating effects that can support both gut and brain health
by interacting with the endocannabinoid system found throughout our entire body.
It’s a game changer – if you’ve “tried it all and nothing has helped”,
don’t give up – Doctor’s Bliss has arrived!

All of these Probiotics!  Good bacteria help decrease gut inflammation, normalize gut function and metabolize toxins! Be smart and get some in your body today. We have numerous high quality, refrigerated options including high potency or maintenance, special strains for those with ADD/ADHS, women and children. Come in and we can help you find the best choice for you and your family!

Pharmax Finest Pure Fish Oil  The Omega 3s in this super clean fish oil are anti-inflammatory for the gut and foundational for healthy brain function. Most people over consume Omega 6 oils so balance the scales with this fish oil flavored with essential oil of orange so no yucky fish burps ☺

Buddha Chocolate*  Not only is chocolate delicious it’s good for your brain! It releases feel good endorphins and the flavanoids boost brain function. Check out our delicious Buddha Chocolates that are organic, single origin, vegan, soy free and handcrafted using only low-glycemic coconut sugar.