Nedra Goedert


Colon Hydrotherapy
As an energy healer, I can see a person from the inside to the outside. This view of people is a reflection of my own journey to health which has led me steadily in the direction of The Tummy Temple.

In the warm, safe atmosphere of the Temple, I like to offer information about digestion and colon function while providing self-help guidance. My way is to give the client the tools for health and the support they need along their path. For those who are inclined, energy field cleansing works very similarly.

As blockages are discovered and flow is restored, vitality returns providing energy for change. I have offered both types of health treatment at The Portal in Hawaii for 7+ years, after training for colon hydrotherapy at Tummy Temple in 2003. Hawaii taught me ‘ho oponopono’ which means ‘making wrong right’ without blame, shame or guilt. This embodies the spirit of my work.

I spent most of my life feeling like what went on in my body was happening to me rather than being a product of my own thoughts, feelings and actions. I was always bloated and had chronic diarrhea from childhood. Even pictures of me as a two year-old child showed a big stomach, out of proportion to my otherwise lean body, so I assumed it was just my lot in life. In my mid-40’s, I chanced across a booklet about colon cleansing and thought it sounded like it might help me. I didn’t know a soul who had experience with it, so I picked someone from the phone book and got my first colonic. To say I was nervous would be a huge understatement. With lifelong diarrhea, my bum was tender! And the place I went was no Tummy Temple! I was lectured and made to feel responsible for my problems. Despite that, the colonic made my gut feel better than it ever had. The gas was gone for a while and I finally knew what it felt like to be empty! I picked another place for the next colonic, and then another for the next one, until I came to Kristi.

Kristi gave me many colonics over years, sharing her gentle but strong way and most importantly, her view of one’s body as a temple. I grew to feel responsible for my health, without being made guilty for how I had been taking care of it before. She gave me the tools for change and turned on the lights. It was my job to go there, with her kind support. It changed my life! As I felt better, I had more energy to make constructive changes to my diet and lifestyle. No, I haven’t become perfect (lol), but when I’m reckless with my diet or lifestyle, I don’t waste energy feeling guilty and I find my way back with nonjudgmental help and a colonic or two.

Getting clear and functional inside my body raised my vibration, which is reflected in my energy field. Just as the condition of the colon reflects the overall health condition of a person, so does the condition of their energy field. One’s aura and chakra’s reflect what is strong, stuck or damaged in a person and provide access to facilitate change. Much like colonics or any other kind of bodywork or even counseling, the person must want to make changes and participate in the change. Both therapies are focused on removing blocks and re-establishing flow, then it is your job to make changes to keep that flow.

I act as a warm, kind, nonjudgmental coach. I especially enjoy curious or nervous newbies for whom I can be a wealth of information and a safe place for questions. I also appreciate the experienced client who knows what they want and seeks a colon therapist who will listen to their requests.

For those interested in combining these types of work, I suggest booking two sessions for a relaxing, rejuvenating inner and outer treatment.