Kristi and Tim Zimmer,
Tummy Temple Owners


The Tummy Temple is a family-owned business. It is a result of the combined professional efforts of Tim and Kristi, a fantastic team of passionate practitioners and the desires of a health conscious community.

After meeting on a blind date, falling madly in love, getting engaged in 12 days, and then married within 4 months, Kristi and Tim steadily moved towards combining their lives in every way.

At the onset of this journey they asked themselves, “what can we do that will utilize our talents and professional experience, will benefit the community, and will allow us to build a life together on a daily basis?” At first glance the natural health care and corporate technology industries may not seem like an obvious match. However, when you consider the power of the internet for providing information, the public’s blossoming interest in natural digestive and reproductive health care, and an industry ripe for business structure you get something of great value that empowers a community.

The Tummy Templers believe that health begins with learning how to “trust your gut.” That gets a lot easier when one is effectively nourished and eliminating that which is no longer useful. The Tummy Temple is dedicated to providing heart-centered services, quality products, and empowering education to our clients. Stay in touch with us throughout the year to learn how to get well and stay well.