Heidi Ochsner, MS, RD


I serve clients who want to address chronic or complex health challenges through lifestyle optimization. I specialize in dietary consultation, nutritional supplementation, detoxification and gut rebuilding. I have a gift for putting clients at ease and love to inspire and support dietary and lifestyle shifts that can create real and lasting change.

I’ve been interested in health and food since high school when I shocked my New Orleans family by becoming a vegetarian/vegan for sixteen years. Since then I have continued my ever-evolving personal path towards health. I find the body fascinating and have a passion for educating. I believe unequivocally in the power of the mind/body connection and the importance of trusting our inner guide in the journey toward a more balanced lifestyle. This looks different for everyone and I enjoy helping others find their personal best!

Nutrition and Product Specialist
I also serve as the Tummy Temple’s Nutrition and Product Specialist. What this means for you is that I have a detailed understanding of the importance of supporting our bodies nutritionally through diet and supplementation. It is my job to educate and consult regularly with our team to answer your questions. I assure the high quality of our supplements and work diligently to stay current with the best products on the market to serve our varied and discerning clientele. I am also in charge of the ongoing development of our top-notch line of Tummy Temple products. Whether your health issues are simple or complex, focus on foundational support, detoxification or systemic rebuilding, I have the expertise to help our team to support your needs.

Registered Dietitian  2009-present
Post Graduate Nutrition Internship – Tulane University – 2009
Certified Colon Hydrotherapist- International Association of Colon Hydrotherapists -2009
Masters in Nutrition – Bastyr University – 2008
Visceral Massage Training-Love Your Guts Seminars- 2005
Reiki Level 2- 2002

Interests and Areas of Study
Whole Foods Cooking and Fermentation
Organic Gardening

Registered Dietitian RD1020427

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Heidi at State Congress Lobbying for Colon Hydrotherapy Law