Hooray For Coffee Enemas! A Case Study On Our Favorite At-Home Remedy

Dr. Jamie Doughty, NDCase Studies

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By: Jamie Doughty ND, Medical Director

Coffee enemas, what’s the rage?

A coffee enema VASTLY increases the activity and efficiency of the protective enzyme system in your liver, called GST (glutathione S-transferase), by 700%.
This enzyme binds with toxins, which are then flushed out through the colon via improved bile flow from the gall bladder.

Case: Tammy, a 40 year old woman, presented with intermittent epigastric (lower sternum) pain that radiated to the upper right quadrant of her abdomen.

She was 6 months post partum and was rapidly losing her pregnancy weight. Weight loss presents extra strain on the liver and gall bladder and is implicated in gallstone formation. An abdominal ultrasound showed the presence of multiple small gallstones.

Her treatment plan involved a series of colonics with coffee retention, for the benefit aforementioned, along with herbal medicine. Tammy began taking extracts of Taraxicum and Shisandra to protect her liver and support bile flow, along with Cynara to facilitate the dissolution of bile sludge. Daily dosing of magnesium citrate from our Temple Calm powder helped to dilate and relax the bile ducts to assist in the removal of bile sludge and stones.

I prescribed Tammy weekly colon hydrotherapy treatments with coffee retention, and by 6 weeks she was symptom free.

This spring, love your liver and gall bladder with a coffee enema add-on alongside your colon cleansing to speed detox.

My personal clinical tip: Chlorella taken on empty stomach with water, 30 minutes before your coffee enema, will be waiting to bind the toxins expelled in the bile!


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