How Colon Hydrotherapy Can Free You from PMS:
A Case Study

Dr. Jamie Doughty, NDCase Studies, Menstrual Pain, Natural Medicine

By Dr. Jamie Doughty, Medical Director

In light of the coming of Spring and the excitement building for new growth and energy I want to celebrate the powerful healing modality of colon hydrotherapy (i.e. colonics).
Colon hydrotherapy provides relief from headaches, migraines, PMS, arthritis pain, eczema and all types of bowel disorders including constipation. The relief provided from these systemic diseases is a result of the removal of toxic material from the colon which is know to contribute to the overall toxic load on the body through the recirculation that happens via the liver.

Case: Jeannie, a 25 year old woman, presented with debilitating symptoms of PMS that would cause her to miss several days of work every month. She reacted poorly to oral contraceptives and despised the side effects of weight gain and depression. Jeannie had extreme fatigue and mood swings, bloating, a headache, and painful cramping with heavy bleeding for 5 days. Most of the time she would lie around at home with a heating pad and some Advil or Aleve.

The symptoms of PMS are associated with high levels of unconjugated estrogen which are toxic to the liver. I prescribed a series of 3 colonics during the 2 weeks before her menses along with liver supportive herbs; milk thistle, dandelion root, artichoke leaf, Oregon grape root, turmeric, bitter fennel and licorice.
The severity of her PMS symptoms were decreased by half the first month and after 3 more months of continued colonics and botanicals she was no longer suffering needlessly.

Let’s prepare our decongesting and clearing pathways this month to implement our Spring cleanses successfully!