Caitlyn Wright

Electro-lymphatic therapist


Electro-Lymphatic Therapist & Care coordinator

I offer my attention and care to clients and in support of the practitioners, to make connections that support the health of the Tummy Temple community. I make space for our clients stories to be heard and for their stories and intuition to guide
their healing journeys in my work both as a practitioner and care coordinator.

My work serves people who want the agency to inform and guide their own health journeys at Tummy Temple as well as those who are looking for guidance and someone to help translate their experience and story into thoughtful
connections that develop into their care team.

I am an intuitive with the ability to hold people’s experiences in a loving container and I am a developing healer, who is passionate about the connection between our emotional body and physical body.
Healing work has been a thread in my life for the past decade. I have worked in community spaces as a mentor, educator and facilitator. I am forever learning from and dedicated to community healing and feel so inspired by the people that are the Tummy Temple, both clients and Templers alike.

Licenses, Certification and Education
I am a bodywork student and trained Electro-lymphatic Practitioner. I am a certified yoga teacher, an artist, and someone who deeply values healing in all its forms.

Other areas of interest and study:
Somatic Therapy
Garden Therapy