Amanda Downing-Riffey, RN

Amanda Downing-Riffey Tummy Temple Colon Hydrotherapy Seattle


I offer IV services Colon Hydrotherapy at the Tummy Temple.

I provide competent and emphatic care in a comforting space to encourage clients along their healing and wellness journeys. I have provided care to clients from a wide variety of ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds.

My gift is my ability to provide calm reassurance to clients during vulnerable moments, while being a strong advocate for Holistic medicine that recognizes the whole person – Mind-Body-Spirit versus a symptom in approach to treatment.

I am a Tribal Member of the Cherokee Nation. I have been in Healthcare 16+ years, practicing as an RN, in a variety of Specialities from the Operating Room to Mental Health. I have a passion for providing compassionate and quality care, often to underserved populations, with empathy and respect. I spent a year healing from a Double Mastectomy. My experience as a patient during that time, led me on a path to heal myself with treatments that recognize the spiritual and emotional components to health. I was drawn to the Tummy Temple out of my desire to provide Holistic care with my newfound insight, as a Nurse and patient. Within my culture, I am a Spirit Weaver. Weavers help people connect the spirit to a primary state of wholeness, weaving a tapestry of meaning into their healing journeys. I look forward to weaving my skills, experience, and Intuitive insight into client care at the Tummy Temple.

My spare time is spent with Cosmo and Vega, my feline companions, or enjoying my newfound freedom now that my children have become adults.

Licenses, Certification and Education

Registered Nurse – RN 60845508-Washington

Associate of Science in Nursing, ASN – Lincoln Memorial University

Other areas of interest and study:
The Art of Cartomancy
Indigenous, LGBTQ, and Women’s right and issues